decoration for this Autumn - Winter 2018

Categories: Tips & Tricks


5 decoration trends for Autumn - Winter 2018 that will triumph in your home

We bring you the latest trends in decoration for this Autumn - Winter 2018, a year in which the ‘all-powerful’ Nordic style seems to be losing ground

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 new-build home in Valdebebas

Categories: Gestilar homes


Your new-build home in Valdebebas: discover the surroundings of Isla...

If you are looking for a new-build home in Valdebebas, then perhaps our seventh development offers you the...

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enthalpic recovery system

Categories: Gestilar homes


Maximum comfort in your home What is an enthalpic recovery system and...

Some of our homes come with the latest innovation in efficient ventilation: What is an enthalpic recovery...

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Ideas for how to decorate a child’s bedroom

Categories: Tips & Tricks


Ideas for how to decorate a child’s bedroom: create that perfect...

Achieve functional spaces with these Ideas for how to decorate a child’s bedroom to be enjoyed to the...

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Open-plan kitchens & lounge

Categories: Tips & Tricks


Open-plan kitchens & lounge, creating one continuous space!

The trend for an open-plan kitchen & lounge, a clean break from the traditional separation of the kitchen from...

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How to organize your home

Categories: Tips & Tricks


How to organize your home: 5 tricks to keep your home always looking...

Take note of how to organize your home with these 5 tips and keep it impeccable every day

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how to save water at home

Categories: Tips & Tricks


How can we save water at home? Join us in using water responsibly!

By changing your habits you cansave water at home and, at the same time, contributing in your own small way to...

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Advantages of underfloor heating

Categories: Sustainable space


Advantages of underfloor heating: maximum heating comfort in your home

We will discover the benefits of underfloor heating in the home, the latest thing in efficient climate-control...

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living in ensanche de vallecas

Categories: Live in...


Living in Ensanche de Vallecas, a new area with its own identity

What is it like to live in Ensanche de Vallecas? Just minutes from Madrid, it is one of the fastest-growing...

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Interior decoration with plants

Categories: Tips & Tricks


Interior decoration with plants: Nature in your home!

Interior decoration with plants is one of the star trends of recent years, how can you introduce plants into...

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Mortgages with fixed or variable rates of interest

Categories: Get up to date


Mortgages with fixed or variable rates of interest. Which should you...

We will examine three key factors in order to take the decision that is best suited to your needs and your...

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‘smart mailbox’ for multi-occupancy buildings

Categories: Gestilar homes


Discover the ‘smart mailbox’ for multi-occupancy buildings:...

Gestilar is supporting the so-called ‘Smart mailbox’: taking delivery of parcels free of charge 24/7. Know...

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Data Protection Law affect residents’ associations

Categories: Get up to date


How will the new Data Protection Law affect residents’ associations?

On May 25, a new data protection law was put into effect: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Still do...

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