living in ensanche de vallecas

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Living in Ensanche de Vallecas, a new area with its own identity

What is it like to live in Ensanche de Vallecas? Just minutes from Madrid, it is one of the fastest-growing areas in recent years. We invite you to discover it with us!

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Interior decoration with plants

Categories: Tips & Tricks


Interior decoration with plants: Nature in your home!

Interior decoration with plants is one of the star trends of recent years, how can you introduce plants into...

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Mortgages with fixed or variable rates of interest

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Mortgages with fixed or variable rates of interest. Which should you...

We will examine three key factors in order to take the decision that is best suited to your needs and your...

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‘smart mailbox’ for multi-occupancy buildings

Categories: Gestilar homes


Discover the ‘smart mailbox’ for multi-occupancy buildings:...

Gestilar is supporting the so-called ‘Smart mailbox’: taking delivery of parcels free of charge 24/7. Know...

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Data Protection Law affect residents’ associations

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How will the new Data Protection Law affect residents’ associations?

On May 25, a new data protection law was put into effect: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Still do...

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What to see in Palma de Majorca? Discover some routes that you simply...

We invite you to travel with us to the capital of the Balearic Islands, where the Mediterrània 1 Development...

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Houses with an industrial style

Categories: Tips & Tricks


Houses with an industrial style: 4 tips to decorate your home.

Do you like industrial-style houses? It doesn’t matter if your house doesn’t have any of these features:...

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Artificial Intelligence serving business needs: Why use Chatbots in...

Why use Chatbots in the real estate industry and how do they work? Artificial intelligence can play a role as...

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SIMA 2018 SPECIAL: Discover 7 Gestilar developments at the biggest...

From 31 May until 3 June, Gestilar will be exhibiting at SIMA with 7 of its projects, three of which will be...

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Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

Categories: Sustainable space


Discovering Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: energy efficiency in...

Discover the key aspects of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: what are they and how much progress has been made in...

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how to organize a wardrobe

Categories: Tips & Tricks


5 tips on how to organize a wardrobe: save time and space

5 valuable tricks so you know how to do it in the best way

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The revolution of new technologies in construction

Categories: Get up to date


The revolution of new technologies in construction.

The integration of new technologies to construction is essential in the current climate. What are they, and how...

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How much capital gains tax will you have to pay when you sell your house

Categories: Get up to date


Keeping your accounts up to date: How much capital gains tax will you...

In general terms, it is one of the least well-known taxes for the vast majority of homeowners but, How much is...

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