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Natural decoration

Categories: Sustainable space


Natural decoration: the best recourse for creating your eco-sustainable home

How about going for natural decoration? "Ecology in mind" is just one of the keys to making a home into a green space.

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Advantages of underfloor heating

Categories: Sustainable space


Advantages of underfloor heating: maximum heating comfort in your home

We will discover the benefits of underfloor heating in the home, the latest thing in efficient climate-control...

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Categories: Sustainable space


What does the Energy Certification of buildings involve?

An Energy-Efficiency Certificate is a document required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism for...

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Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

Categories: Sustainable space


Discovering Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: energy efficiency in...

Discover the key aspects of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: what are they and how much progress has been made in...

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How to recycle at home

Categories: Sustainable space


How to recycle at home: making a commitment to sustainability

Make a note of our recommendations on how to recycle at home. Let’s achieve a more sustainable home!

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 turning your home into an eco-space

Categories: Sustainable space


5 ideas for turning your home into an eco-space

If you want to get behind the cause, we propose 5 ideas for turning your home into an eco-living space without...

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