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TOP 5 gifts for tech lovers

The TOP 5 gifts for tech lovers

With Christmas just around the corner, the countdown has begun for the present-buying spree. This can become a tedious task when you are short of inspiration or if you always fall back on the same old ideas. So here we have some suggestions for technology gifts that are sure to be a winner with tech-lovers. Our lives are increasingly more computerised and digitalised, and living without all the conveniences that technology brings is becoming unthinkable. Read on to see our checklist of the best gifts for techies. Take note and don’t let your gadget-lovers down this Christmas: buy them an in-home automation device.

1 > Alexa, your best friend

You can’t go wrong by wrapping up some artificial intelligence as a Christmas gift. This little speaker, made by Amazon, has a wealth of functions, and when you discover its potential, you won’t be able to live without it. This device allows you check the weather forecast, listen to the news, tune into your playlist, call your friends and even have your favourite recipes to hand. Alexa also allows you to control all your smart in-home devices, dim the lights, turn on the central-heating or air-con, and regulate the thermostat.

2 > Smart Lighting, helping to reduce energy use

Is your partner or another member of your family obsessed with cutting the electricity bill? If that is the case, light up their Christmas with a gift of smart lighting. These LED devices are guaranteed boost your home’s energy efficiency. What’s more, this lighting system can be controlled from your smartphone or other electronic devices; a simple click or voice command will light up your home.

3 > Voice-command appliances - the future of the home

The latest innovations in smart home technology that are making an impact are artificial intelligence enabled domestic appliances.. Voice command, pre-programming and virtual use are some of the features offered by these futuristic devices, making these domestic appliances of the future a failsafe option for tech geeks. Fridges with virtual assistants, optimised washing machines and tumble driers, vacuum cleaners connected to the Wi-Fi and kitchen robots activated with your phone would no doubt also delight them.

4 > Smart locks, the key to your security

With the emergence of hi-tech and artificial intelligence, traditional locks have also been ringing in the changes. The latest locks have a small keyboard in which to key in an access code, as well as a surveillance camera. This enables the door to be opened by remote control to let in those we want even when we are not at home, thus resolving the problem of having to leave the keys with a neighbour or relying on the warden.

5 > Smart sockets, another hi-tech alternative

To complete our list of techie Christmas gifts, we must not forget smart sockets. The most popular ones are those that can be controlled by a smartphone App. The biggest advantage they offer compared with traditional sockets is that they can interact with your electronic devices

Which of these gifts appeals to you the most?