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Amazon Echo vs Google Home

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which should I buy?

These voice assistants are becoming a common feature in many homes, and are even beginning to make themselves practically indispensable. Amazon Echo vs Google Home: today we are pitting two titans of home automation against each other.

What do the experts say? Here is a summary of the key points. 

Message recognition

In the Amazon Echo vs Google Home “face-off”, as far as language recognition goes, the former offers more options for customising the message, while Google Home requires more exact instructions (“Switch the TV off/ on”). The Echo, with its assistant Alexa, is able to understand more complex sentences that are also more natural and therefore feel more comfortable for users to say. (“Could you please switch off the TV?”). 

However, Google Assistant ranks among the best assistants that exist for the simple reason that it is empowered with all the knowledge that Google possesses which means it is able to find almost anything people are looking for. 

Skills & Apps

Both devices generally have the same apps, so it is fair to say that in this aspect they are on a level pegging. That is, if it wasn’t for a small difference; with Google Home you do not have to activate it to use the apps, whereas Amazon Echo requires activation. 

And the sound?

This is an important factor for music lovers and for anyone who will be using these smart assistants mainly as a speaker.

Most reviews are in agreement in this respect: Amazon Echo has a better sound quality.


And as far as design is concerned, there are options for all tastes! You can choose the look that best fits in with your home décor: both devices come in white, grey and in different shapes, sizes and finishes.

Do you use any of these voice assistants? Which do you consider would win the Amazon Echo vs Google Home face off?



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