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How to choose a good sofa.

How to choose a good sofa?

If there’s one thing no home can be without, it is a sofa. Chatting over a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, surfing the Internet and watching TV are just some of our daily activities which are more comfortable to do while sitting on this piece of furniture. The sofa is the focal point in any living-room, around which the rest of the interior décor revolves. It is important therefore to bear in mind several factors when choosing a sofa, which we will discuss in this post. Read on to learn about all the tips and trick about buying a sofa.

First of all, you will need to be aware of the amount of space available in the room. Based on the space you have, you could opt for either a two or three-seater sofa, a chaise-longue or a corner piece. Each type has its advantages and its peculiarities. If you are not constrained by the size or shape of your space, go for whichever grabs your fancy. Here is an image from our Isla de Pedrosa development where we have made the most of the space by opting for a chaise-longue.

Equally important is that the sofa needs to be extremely comfortable. Experts say that the sofa and the bed should be the two most comfortable items of furniture in your home. For this reason we advise visiting a furniture store and trying them out for yourself. This way you can test them for firmness, stability, or decadence, whichever factor you value most. The sofa needs to be ergonomically designed to prolong its lifespan.

Choosing the upholstery of a good sofa

After deciding on the shape, the comfort and number of seats, we recommend selecting the fabric that will cover it. Leather, cloth or plush are the most popular choices and are those which are most favoured among interior designers. The choice will depend largely on the tastes of the buyers and most manufacturers make their sofa styles with a wide variety of upholstery options. Another aspect to consider is the material used to make the structure and the legs, which can include wood, aluminium or other metals.

When choosing the upholstery, remember also that some materials have been especially treated to prevent staining. This type of liquid-repellent fabric would be the best choice if you spend many hours on your sofa.

Lastly, choosing the colour is another major decision you must make. Ideally you should choose a colour that combines well with other fabrics in the home. And, why not consider the 2020 Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue? A truly stunning shade! If you prefer a bold look, choose a printed fabric, but if you less adventurous, go for a single colour, which you can brighten up with cushions in a contrasting shade. The image shows the living-room of the River Park residential development, where the cushions form an integral part of the sofa.

If you follow these tips for choosing a sofa, you should be successful in finding one you love and which should last you many years.



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