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How to create an organic vegetable garden at home

How to create an organic vegetable garden at home. Family fun!

With the temperatures dropping and the cold weather setting in, many of us prefer to stay at home and take up indoor pursuits. Watching a film, trying your hand at a craft or cooking a new recipe are some of the typical activities people choose to do as a family. With those who are keen on natural home decorating in mind, in this post, we propose an activity that appeals to your love of nature and of protecting the environment. We describe how to plant an organic vegetable garden at home to create your own green space that will allow you to make a contribution towards greater sustainability. Fancy getting your hands dirty?

Before starting on the digging, we recommend grabbing a pen and paper and thinking about how you want your organic garden to look. Make a list of the vegetables you would like to grow, as well as to eat, so you can design your own healthy diet.

If you do not have an outdoor garden, why not look for a space indoors where you can grow your vegetables in pots. If you are lucky enough to have a garden or terrace, make sure the soil is in good condition and that it does not contain pesticides or herbicides that will harm your crop. We believe that compost is the best fertiliser to use to ensure that your soil is in perfect condition.

The next step in setting up your organic garden is the most important one; planting your vegetables. After finishing this task, don’t forget to note down how long they take to grow and how much water each plant species needs. It is also important to bear in mind the amount of light an organic garden will need in order to produce abundant crops.

After planting your garden, you will need to dedicate some of your spare time to looking after and watering your vegetables. And why not share the jobs with other members of your family? It will encourage them to take a greater interest in its success.

Three reasons why you should plant an organic garden at home

There are three simple reasons for planting an organic vegetable garden:

1 > Healthy diet:

If you grow your own veg, you are more likely to eat a healthy, balanced diet, free from processed ingredients. Your body will thank you!

2 >A healthy pastime:

As well as being a healthy and eco-friendly pastime, gardening teaches future generations about the importance of respecting the environment and cultivates their appreciation for sustainability.

3 > A low-cost leisure option:

Planting an organic garden does not require a huge outlay and it will help you to save on your weekly shopping bill. It makes economic sense to invest your time this healthy pursuit.

And don’t forget, creating your own organic vegetable garden boosts the eco-friendly spirit of your home and will be a reflection of your desire to protect the environment. By taking up this activity you will play a small part in saving the planet.



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