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How to tidy your kitchen

How to tidy your kitchen and keep it clutter-free?

How many times have you had to almost completely empty a drawer when looking for a pot, a pan or something to store your food in? The kitchen is a busy place, which means you need to be methodological when it comes to storing the things you need every day.

Discover how to organise your kitchen with three easy, practical solutions that you can apply every day.

Step 1 - How to organise the kitchen cabinets

The cabinets tend to be the most spacious storage spaces in the kitchen, so the first step is to empty them completely. Classify everything you take out of the cupboards: crockery, food, drinks, cleaning products, small appliances, etc. and arrange them on a table to allow you to get a complete overview of what you have in your cupboards.

Throw away anything you do not use, that has expired or does not work, then arrange what is left into groups, placing what you use most often closer to hand.

Step 2 - Drawers: a great resource for an uncluttered kitchen

Arrange separators, boxes and small baskets inside the drawers so everything has a place and will stay there. This is particularly useful for small items that can get easily misplaced. First measure the size of the drawer and decide what items it would be most convenient to keep in it.


Don’t forget that even the inconvenient corner units can be made into useful drawers. There are many options available allowing you to make the most of every corner.

How to recycle at home and keep things tidy? Kitchen drawers are useful for hiding anything you do not want to be on view, such as the recycling containers. Create your recycling zone under or next to the sink by using stackable and modular bins.

*Tip: Place lighting inside your drawers to make it easier to see what you are looking for. It will make a difference of between night and day!

Step 3 - Keep all worktops clutter-free!

Organisation experts such as Marie Kondo recommends keeping your counters and worktops completely clear so that the room looks spick and span and more spacious, as well as making it easier to clean. The trick? Anything you don’t use more than twice a week keep stored away in the cabinets and drawers.

In summary, the secret to keeping your kitchen tidy is to achieve an overall aesthetically pleasing look and a space that it is practical. Always think about how you use your kitchen!


<< Clutter is the result of not putting things away in their place>>

 Marie Kondo.



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