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The Spatium seal Isla de Pedrosa

Isla de Pedrosa development design rated as Excellent by the Spatium by SMDos® seal

We are celebrating at Gestilar. Our mission has always been to bring quality and value to our developments while aiming to satisfy the demands of their users at the same time. The common denominator of all our residential projects is that they always offer something extra thus allowing us to keep ahead of game. As an outcome of our hard work, the Spatium by SMDos® seal has awarded the design stage of our Isla de Pedrosa residential project the accolade of Excellent Development.

This distinction, intended to offer an added bonus to the homeowners, has three main objectives:

1) The first is to objectively prove our design guarantees to users by creating safer, healthier and more user-friendly living environments for every resident in the building.

2) The second goal of Spatium by SMDos® is to promote and provide proof of good practice regarding the operation of the residential property. This encompasses aspects directly related to the health and safety of the people who live in the homes.

3) Finally, this distinction also contributes to reducing any potential risks the building might pose to the people living in it. All this means that safety, as a hallmark of the company’s identity, has been made a top priority at the Isla de Pedrosa development.



Any building that has earned the Spatium by SMDos® seal of approval confers a valuable exclusive mark of distinction upon the project. This innovative accolade of conformity helps to promote the image and reputation of the residential development. This is a real bonus for Isla de Pedrosa.


Isla de Pedrosa, an architectural landmark

Living in Isla de Pedrosa means enjoying the latest trends in architecture. This new-build development in Valdebebas, designed by the prestigious architects’ studio Aranguren & Gallegos Arquitectos, has a stunning exterior design. Its original façade, bedecked all over with planters, creates the illusion of visual movement achieved by the arrangement of the terraces.

The development comprises five, 8-storey building and the construction of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes in Valdebebas is planned. The development will have extensive community areas distributed on two levels. Isla de Pedrosa is to be surrounded by extensive landscaped gardens planted with species requiring little watering. After completion, these residential buildings will be transformed into a unique living space. Would you like to learn more about Isla de Pedrosa?


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