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Façade designs: a symbol of the avant-garde in new housing

Buying a new-build home is an important decision in which several decisive factors come into play. The architecture, distribution, finishes and the location of the building all influence your decision-making, as do other aspects such as the aesthetics of the construction and the design of the building façade. This last aspect is a crucial factor, as it serves as its “visiting card” with which it might appeal to future owners. Would you like to join us in taking a look at some of our projects?

The importance of light on the façade architecture

If you count yourself among those who like open spaces, bear in mind that designing façades with clean lines that propagate through the entire space are a key to engendering a sensation of spaciousness. This type of architecture plays with the geometry and the arrangement of the windows in presenting a “visual experience” to the owner.

It should be mentioned that these types of unique, contemporary designs harness the use of diaphanous spaces to take maximum advantage of the natural light. One clear example of this type of façade is that on the Isla de Arosa development, our residential project in Alcalá de Henares.

Diseños de fachadas Arosa 2

This kind of structure incorporates what is known as a ventilated façade. This design allows the residents to enjoy excellent temperature comfort in their homes.

Find out more about the benefits of ventilated façades on our blog!

The visual effect of the façade

Additionally, some construction styles are built to create a specific visual effect. To enlarge the space or create the feeling of spaciousness is the goal of the design of the façades on the Isla La Toja residential building. In this development, the building is designed using shifting blocks to produce “movement”, thus completely breaking away from established architectural norms.

Diseños de fachadas la toja

The result is that the buildings in this development have a totally different aesthetic to the other buildings around them.

Terraces, a key element in the design of the façade

Equally important to enhancing the design of a building’s façade is paying attention to the distribution of the windows and terraces. The arrangement of these elements plays a vital role in heightening the visual aspect of a residential building and in enhancing certain effects. For instance, in Isla Estelas, the arrangement is designed to create a contrast with the surrounding environment, thus making this development more eye-catching.

Diseños de fachadas Estelas

Under the leadership of the multidisciplinary team of Morph Estudio, headed up by architects César Frías and Miguel Pradillo, this building has emerged as one of the most distinctive residential developments in the heart of Madrid.


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