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Classic Blue Pantone colour 2020

The secrets to decorating your home in Classic Blue, the Pantone colour of 2020

The New Year has arrived, and with it hundreds of resolutions, plans and ideas for the next 365 days (or rather 366 since this year is a leap year). Perhaps you have the intention in mind to make some changes to your interior décor to keep up with the latest trends. If this is the case, in this post we are going to suggest some great ideas for bringing the allure of the 2020 Pantone colour, Classic Blue, into your home, a shade described as regal and timeless. Are you inspired to get to work?

The 2020 Pantone colour evokes peace and tranquillity, while breathing a stylish classic aura into every piece of furniture or decorative object it touches. The key is to know which Classic Blue pieces to incorporate into the room so as to create a harmonious arrangement. Let’s visit each room one by one, focusing on its interior design.

How to bring a touch of the 2020 Pantone colour to each room

1 > Entrance and Hallways:

If you want welcome your guests into your home with Classic Blue, why not find inspiration for switching things around by looking at some ideas for decorating hallways in your home. By simply painting the walls you will totally transform the mood of your home décor. Another option is to choose wallpaper that combines the 2020 Pantone Colour with a more neutral shade. You could also opt to decorate the ceiling with wooden or plaster coving and cornices in this shade to revitalise these transit areas.

2 > Living-room:

To infuse your living-room with the 2020 Pantone colour, introducing a Classic Blue sofa as a statement piece in this room would be an excellent idea. Plush, velvety fabrics are on-trend this year, bringing a touch of luxury to your living-room. If you’d rather not make a large investment, you could go for cushion covers and curtains in Classic Blue or a few decorative accents, such as lamps, vases or a rug.

3 > Kitchen:

Why not turn your kitchen into the go-to room of the house by infusing it with the 2020 Pantone colour? The boldest and most eye-catching option would be to choose this colour for the kitchen cabinets. If you prefer to upgrade your existing units, why not paint the doors in Classic Blue and set them off with gold-coloured handles? You could also lay a vinyl patterned rug on the floor to really bring your kitchen décor alive.

4 > Bathroom:

Just like in the kitchen, choosing Classic Blue for the bathroom fittings would be a striking option for a stylish bathroom décor. If it is a more timeless look you are after, we recommend choosing wallpaper or wall tiles in this colour. For those who are more risk-averse, new towels in the 2020 Pantone colour would bring a new lease of life to their bathroom.

5 > Bedroom:

Lastly, to complete the Classic Blue make-over, here are a few ideas for using this colour in the bedroom. As well as painting or papering the walls in this shade, why not opt for a statement headboard in Classic Blue to make it the key feature of the room. As a finishing touch, one option is to use sheets in a shade that complements the colour or a neutral-coloured carpet to give Classic Blue the prominence it deserves.


If you follow some of these tips, your home is certain to become a showcase for the latest trends in home décor. Are you ready to invest in the new look?



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