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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy and the benefits of using this renewable energy in the home

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy with an unquestionable potential that is found beneath the earth’s crust. This type of energy is sourced by harnessing the earth’s internal heat, and is generated through processes of conduction and convection. This means that geothermal energy is one the most efficient energy sources, since it can be used in any location, all year round. Installing geothermal energy heating appliances at home therefore represents a big step towards turning your home into a trailblazer in sustainable housing.

What are the benefits of geothermal energy for the home?

After establishing what geothermal energy is, it is important to analyse the benefits it brings to your home. Geothermal energy is used mainly for domestic heating and air conditioning, efficiently keeping the home warm in winter and cooling it down in summer. It is also used for producing hot water.

1 > Investing in sustainability

Opting for this source of energy is a way of showing respect for the environment. Geothermal energy produces no smoke, dust or soot, and requires no fuel storage facilities. Most importantly, it reduces CO2 emissions.

2 > Enjoy its convenience

Geothermal energy functions safely and silently, generating no noise. It is usually activated with a system that requires pressing a button to switch it on or off.

3 > Raises the value of your home

Having your own source of energy adds value to your property. If you use geothermal energy to heat your home you will require neither a chimney nor a boiler room. Nor is it necessary to connect to the gas supply network. As a result, the building quality of any home using this renewable energy will be enhanced.

4 > Savings and lower energy bills

Finally, an important advantage of geothermal energy is being able to look forward to a lower energy bill at the end of the month. This is because almost 70% of the energy required for heating and cooling a home is obtained at no cost from the earth. 

Isla de La Toja, an example of using geothermal energy in the home

At Gestilar, our mission is to invest in the design, planning and construction of the homes of the future, with sustainability as their mark of distinction. Therefore, at the Isla de La Toja development we have employed a highly efficient geothermal energy system for heating, air-conditioning and domestic hot water production.

In these homes, the geothermal energy heat pumps are connected to underfloor heating/cooling systems. This has allowed us to ensure comfortable living conditions as well as a significant reduction in energy use. A direct impact of this is a drastic reduction in the building’s carbon footprint.

In addition to its geothermal energy installations, the Isla de La Toja residential development also benefits from a prefabricated concrete and natural wood façade. This element has earned the development the PEFC and Nordic Swan certificates which rate the environmental management and impact of the wood used over its life cycle.

Would you like to discover for yourself everything these homes have to offer? Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions with no obligation. Invest in efficiency!



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