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About Us

Our business is the development of unique residential projects in which every detail is taken care of, and the highest standards of excellence are assured in the final product.

The exclusivity of our homes is the product of a combination of their prime location, their designer aesthetic, the use of first-class materials, in addition to an extensive range of customised finishes and excellent community facilities. All these factors go to define the unmistakable hallmark of Gestilar.

Our developments are financed with the guarantee of major banking institutions: BANKINTER, BBVA, CAIXA, IBERCAJA, SABADELL and BANCO SANTANDER in Spain and MILLENIUM BCP in Portugal.

Corporate curriculum
Política del Sistema de Gestión

Our history

Since 2009, Gestilar has developed over 50 residential projects across Spain and internationally, and our company has offices in Madrid, Galicia, Catalonia, Andalusia, Balearic Islands and Lisbon. The 6.000 homes that we have developed to date stand as a testimony to our solid record in the real estate sector.

Our group operates its own in-house construction company, Gestilar Construcciones. Through this division, together with our constant innovation, we are able to optimise the development of each residential project, capitalising on our know-how as a management company, developer and builder to guarantee maximum efficiency in the execution of our work. This is another of our competitive advantages.

In 2022, and as a result of our ability to position ourselves at the forefront of the real estate sector, we began to configure ourselves as a group of real estate companies, expanding our service offer with the launch of Homes by Gestilar, our own proptech, whose business is based on purchase, renovation and sale of homes already built and Cooper by Gestilar, manager of residential projects under a cooperative regime.

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We develop environmentally friendly homes so that our customers can enjoy the best quality of life. In addition to their excellent building materials and prime location, the exclusivity and individuality of our homes are the result of the close attention we pay to every detail and their beautiful design.


The excellent quality of our homes enables us to offer our customers the very best experience, and we contribute to urban development by building sustainable homes in order to fulfil the carbon emission reduction targets as set forth in Agenda 2030.

The values we live by



Our projects are endowed with environmentally friendly technology and materials that help to cut our CO2 emissions. We are promoting the transition towards a Zero Carbon economy, which underpins the principles of a circular economy, energy efficiency, water balance and renewable production.



This is one of the key features of our projects. We work together with leading architecture studios in order to offer you avant-garde design residential developments.



All our developments carry the unmistakable hallmark of Gestilar quality, including superb finishes and the finest building materials.



We offer our customers the largest choice of customisation options for their home. We offer an extensive range of premium-brand finishes.



We use the latest technology in our approach to and in the development of each project to generate value and to stay ahead of the curve of future trends, as well as to develop original solutions that are aligned with our objectives.


Social responsability

We are fully engaged in promoting the development and progress of the areas in which our projects are located through the funding of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. (CSR).


Our pledge to society

At Gestilar, we pay special attention to the advancement and development of the geographic areas where our projects are located by investing in Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

We also run our business in a way that enables us to contribute towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 spheres of action are decisive in dealing with the challenges facing our planet.

Because talent knows no gender

At Gestilar, we believe that talent knows no gender, which is why our company is committed to achieving equality between women and men. To do this, we have developed our Corporate Equality Plan, which we review regularly.

There is an equal number of men and women in our senior management positions today, and neither of the genders exceeds 60% among our employees as a whole.

Environmentally friendly

"Ensuring the preservation of the environment, and with it, the wellbeing of future generations is every company’s responsibility. This is why our production process is geared towards minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible by promoting the principles of the circular economy, energy saving and renewable production to facilitate the transition towards a Zero Carbon economy, thus contributing to the wellbeing of the whole of society."

Raúl Guerrero CEO of Gestilar.