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 turning your home into an eco-space

5 ideas for turning your home into an eco-space

Investing in efficiency and advocating sustainability are the keys to a more ecological future. We must all therefore try to do our bit to support this aim by taking some smalls steps and using energy more responsibly. If you want to get behind the cause, we propose 5 ideas for turning your home into an eco-living space without giving up your way of life. Take note and support the concept of wellness real estate!

Make use of natural light

If you are committed to more efficient energy use, it is essential that as much natural light as possible is allowed to enter your home. In addition to adding a warm glow to your living area, the sun’s rays help you save on your energy bills as they heat your home naturally. Sunlight also enhances the sensation of spaciousness in your rooms, and endows them with a special atmosphere. To make the most of natural light, use lightweight curtains or blinds in neutral shades that let the light through. Move large items of furniture away from the windows so they do not block out the sunlight.

Furnish your home with natural fabrics

The use of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton is key to achieving an eco-home. These materials will help to create a unique living space and to maintain the ideal temperature in each room. These textiles are made by using sustainable production processes, and they generate a feeling of calm and peacefulness in your home. Don’t forget to choose neutral shades for your curtains, duvet covers and cushions to enhance the eco-home concept.

Unplug your electronic devices

Did you know that by keeping your electronic devices on stand-by their energy consumption really clocks up over the course of the year? It might be convenient not to unplug your device every time you use it, but you need to bear in mind how much energy this consumes over time. The most ecological option therefore is to plug all your devices into a multiple socket adapter and unplug this when the devices are not in use.

Use water responsibly

Water is a natural resource which we should use efficiently. Make sure your taps do not drip, that your toilet cistern is working properly, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and shower instead of taking a bath; these are just a few steps you can take to avoid wasting water. Remember that building a sustainable future is down to all of us and it is the small details that make all the difference.

Reduce, recycle and reuse

To complete our 5 ideas for turning your home into an eco-space, do not forget to reduce you electricity use. When purchasing domestic appliances, do not think twice about buying those with an A+++ rating.

We have previously written about how to recycle at home and create a living space that contributes to protecting the environment. Make recycling a daily habit and dispose of plastic, paper and organic waste in separate containers to assist the ecological distribution and waste disposal chain. Lastly, by reusing items as much as possible you will help to advance your ecological drive.

With these 5 pieces of advice, all easy to do in practice, your home will breathe sustainability and efficiency in every room. What are you waiting for to get on board with the eco-concept?