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Advantages of saline chlorination for treating swimming pools

Our team is always striving for excellence in every one of our projects: exclusive locations, high-quality materials, and a design that makes these homes unique. Through constant innovation, we have incorporated the latest advances in the treatment of communal swimming pools, making this one of the Gestilar hallmarks. Today we will tell you about the advantages of saline chlorination. Why have we chosen this for our developments?

What is saline chlorination?

Saline chlorination consists of a process through which common salt (sodium chloride) is added to the water of the swimming pool, using a special device to separate the sodium from the chlorine necessary to disinfect the said water, thereby avoiding the use of chemicals.

Economic savings

Using saline chlorination results in big savings given that, on the one hand, no chemical products are required such as sodium hypochlorite or other sodium-based compounds, and on the other hand, by keeping the water in good condition for longer, maintenance tasks are reduced.

Health advantages of saline chlorination

Because it is a natural antiseptic, contact with the water does not give rise to the usual unpleasant eye and skin irritations. Furthermore, it is less abrasive for your hair, and so the whole family will be able to get maximum enjoyment out of the swimming pool during the summer months.

Respect for and protection of the Environment

Another advantage of saline chlorination is that treatment is based on two natural non-polluting elements, water and salt.

Furthermore, they are both ‘reused’: the same water is always used, given that purification is carried out in a closed circuit, and the salt is ‘converted back’ into salt again after the disinfection process (during which it is broken down by electrolysis).

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Were you familiar with the advantages of treating swimming pools with saline chlorination?