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enthalpic recovery system

Maximum comfort in your home What is an enthalpic recovery system and how does it work?

Every home is an experience, and this is what we keep in mind when we build our developments at Gestilar: unique design, top quality materials and finishes, as well as a search for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. As such, some of our homes come with the latest innovation in efficient ventilation: What is an enthalpic recovery system and how does it work? Allow us to explain!

What does the installation of an enthalpic recovery system consist of?

Its main purpose is to take advantage of the temperature and the humidity of the air between the interior and the exterior of the house. This process allows cold air entering from outside to be warmed in winter, and warm air to be cooled in summer.

The installation of an enthalpic recovery system in the ventilation is a clear commitment to health and wellbeing, given that it ensures ‘high-quality’ air with suitable temperature and humidity levels compared to the outside. Furthermore, by ‘renewing’ pre-existing air, it boosts the efficiency of the home: energy is ‘recovered’ or ‘exchanged’, which greatly reduces consumption.

It is important to point out that this exchange process does not mix air from outdoors and air from indoors, given that separate ducts are used, and so air is constantly renewed.

Gestilar homes, at the forefront of efficiency and comfort

A few weeks ago we discussed the advantages of underfloor heating, an innovation that is in line with the comfort and quality of life of our customers, which are guiding principles of our work at Gestilar.

This time, our developments at Isla de Cortegada, Isla de La Toja, Islas Estelas, andGestilar Mediterrània are those benefitting from the installation of an enthalpic recovery system, demonstrating our firm commitment to energy efficiency and respect for the environment, given that this system also reduces air pollution levels by purifying the air through inbound and outbound filters.


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