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Advantages of underfloor heating

Advantages of underfloor heating: maximum heating comfort in your home

Advantages of underfloor heating: maximum heating comfort in your home

Despite the fact that in Spain it is still viewed as being new, in countries such as the United States or Canada it has been used for decades: today we will discover the benefits of underfloor heating in the home, the latest thing in efficient climate-control systems. 

What is underfloor heating and how does it work?

Its main purpose is to distribute heat or cold uniformly through the dwelling, by radiating it from the floor (in an increasing and upwards way), in a way that improves ‘thermal comfort’, which basically means that you attain ‘the perfect temperature’, where you feel neither too hot nor too cold.

It can function either with water or by way of an electrical system, and the former of these two systems has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is the one which Gestilar has chosen to install in its residential developments.

It is based on a network of pipes located under the floor surface through which (hot or cold) water flows, such that the temperature ‘rises’ out of the floor until the room reaches the optimum temperature.

Advantages of underfloor heating in your home


  • It is an efficient system with low energy consumption, perfect for saving energy at home during the winter: the temperature of the hot water is between 35 and 45º C, much cooler than the 70 - 90º C that conventional radiators tend to reach. This represents a saving of around 20% in energy consumption, which is quite a relief for your pocket! *Take note: The regulations impose a temperature cap of 29º C for floors, which is below body temperature and which does not pose a risk to people who have poor circulation in their legs.


  • It is a healthy form of heating, given that there are no uncomfortable draughts that dry your throat and that can be bad for your health. Furthermore, underfloor heating maintains an ideal level of humidity in the atmosphere, which means there is less dust and fewer mites.


  • In the case of heating, the fact that the heat is radiated from the floor means that the air temperature at feet level is higher than the air temperature at head height. This results in an exponential improvement in the sensation of ‘heat comfort’ and a feeling of wellbeing.


  • It doesn’t take up any space or detract from the aesthetic harmony of the rooms, as occurs with radiators and other climate-control systems.


  • Despite the fact that it is most commonly used to generate heat, one of the advantages of underfloor heatingis that with the one single installation you can also cool the space, by pumping cold water instead of hot water.


Underfloor heating, also in Gestilar homes

At Gestilar we always look for innovations that are linked to maximum comfort and quality of life, and as such this climate-control system is also present in many of our new-build homes, where the rooms are equipped with temperature control.

Isla de Ízaro and Islas Estelas in Sinesio Delgado, Isla de Mouro in Vallecas, Isla de La Toja in Tempranales, or Isla de Santa Cruz in Oleiros, are good examples of this.


Were you aware of the advantages of underfloor heating for your home?