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Ideas for how to decorate a child’s bedroom


Ideas for how to decorate a child’s bedroom: create that perfect space!

Who doesn’t remember that room in which they would spend hours and hours as a child? As time passes, these memories gradually turn that room into something really special. Today we will give you ideas for how to decorate the perfect child’s bedroom: being able to adapt to the youngsters, to their dynamics, and their (inevitable) growth is important so that these can become functional spaces that can be enjoyed to the maximum.

All-purpose furniture

In order to ensure that the room can last them for as long as possible, go for adaptable furniture, and where possible, items that can fold away in order to optimize space. You will have no trouble in finding a wide range of options, such as, for example, nappy changers that turn into a cot and then into their first bed. 

Everything necessary, within reach

One of the key ideas when decorating a child’s bedroom is to make things easy for the youngsters and to create a comfortable space where they feel at ease, so they can make this room into a world of their own. Thus, in order to encourage their development and personal autonomy as much as possible, it is advisable that when they start to grow, everything they might need or tend to use (toys, clothes, etc.) should be within easy reach.

This will be the perfect opportunity to teach them to look after their own things, so that they are able not just to access them, but can also put them back in their place again.

Tip: use storage boxes that are easy to open, and label them with colours or symbols that are easy to distinguish.

Fun without hazards

For their own safety and your own peace of mind, there are certain things you ought to take into consideration in order to create a hazard-free environment. Window locks and safety caps on electrical sockets are two musts, especially in the early years when they start to walk and investigate everything.

If you have rugs, make sure they don’t slide around or that the corners do not turn up by fitting a non-slip band made out of special silicon. This will save many trips and falls!

When arranging the furniture, make sure that there is somewhere in the room where they can ‘spread out’ with their toys and the like.

Tip: set aside a small corner where they can let their imagination and creativity run loose. How? Cover the walls of one corner with a blackboard or use special paint that can be easily wiped clean of any traces of ‘artistic expression’. They’ll have a wonderful time!

Lots of colour, but not too much

Beyond the traditional but now outmoded ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’, the latest trend for decorating a child’s bedroom is to use more neutral colours such as cream, grey, and white, which can then be perfectly combined with other more dominant colours. Even so, don’t forget that you can go for a daring bright yellow, red, or orange. The room must be full of vitality!

Tip: if you add these touches of colour through textiles or more decorative items, it will be much easier to change the look of the room as the youngster of the household grows.

If they are older, they can participate!

Let them help you decorate their room: it will get them involved in looking after and maintaining their own space within the home.

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