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 Enticing Terraces

Enticing Terraces: the trends for 2020

With the arrival of spring and the fine weather, reading a book, savouring a perfect cup of coffee or just having a chat are activities you will no doubt prefer to partake in outdoors. Today, we will be talking about some of the season’s decoration ideas for enjoying spring and summer on a stylish terrace where you can relax and switch off from your routine.

A fusion of influences

Firstly, forget about creating visual unity across the entire space. This year’s inspiration comes from the reverse perspective; a fusion of styles and influences, an ambiance rich in nuances and hints of exotic locations.

Conjure up the mood by making creative use of accessories such as tribal print cushion covers, minimalist furniture pieces and handcrafted details.

This trend would work exceptionally well in the Gestilar Mediterrània penthouse (cover photo): overlooking the sea and bathed in vibrant sunlight.

Enticing terraces adapted to suit you

Most importantly, this living space should be designed to be enjoyed whatever the occasion through the creation of multifunctional areas.

The key is to make use of modular furniture pieces that allow you to arrange them according to the requirement of each occasion, whether you are hosting a dinner for two, a gathering of friends or a family lunch.

Whoever said that in Madrid it is not possible to get the most out of these spaces? In the Isla de Pedrosa penthouse, you will find a spacious, versatile outdoor area that is easy to customise, whatever the occasion.

Macramé, on-trend in 2020

This trend, which has surged in popularity, is present in a variety of decorative items and terrace furnishings: chairs, hammocks, partition screens, curtains, cushions, wall hangings, etc.

In our post on how to decorate a terrace we suggested using a hanging basket to show off your plants in an original way. Why not invest in one made from macramé?

Cement and iron: two fashionable materials

Another idea to inject some charm into your terrace décor is to employ elements that combine cement and iron and other metallics such as copper.

Planters, candle-holders and even furniture will impart a contemporary feel and add a dash of character to the space.

Living Coral: the colour of the year

Chosen by Pantone as the colour of 2019, this soft pink “symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”. It is perfect for outdoor areas and for the spring and summer, two vibrant seasons alive with energy.


If you have any tips for creating an enticing terrace with lots of character, please share them with us.