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decorative items for your home

5 decorative items for your home: add a splash of colour to every room!

The way a home is decorated is a faithful reflection of the person who lives in it. It is through its decorative items that a home acquires its own character and is transformed into a unique and distinctive space. Decorating a home is no small task and it is an unending endeavour as your home décor continuously evolves to adapt to current trends. It is recommended that you do not mix up too many elements if you want to create the perfect space. In this post we are therefore going to talk about 5 decorative objects for your home that will bring a splash of colour to every room. Unleash your creativity!

  • Pictures for the living room

The living room is usually the largest room in the house and where there is more opportunity to make use of decorative items. There are plenty of ideas for adorning the walls, but pictures make the perfect choice for bringing interest to the living room. Have fun combining watercolour paintings, pictures and prints in strategic points around the living room, such as behind the sofa or above the sideboard. Don’t forget to choose frames that complement the painting and the other elements in the room.

  • Flowers for the kitchen

The furniture in the kitchen is often quite neutral, of the same shade and made from the same material. The use of foldable units with glass or sliding doors in the kitchen helps to expand it into a much larger space. Flowers are therefore a good idea for adding a few colourful accents.

Flores decorativas para la cocina

Adopting the idea of decorating interiors with plants is an ideal option for bringing the freshness of nature into your kitchen.

  • Fashion magazines for the dressing room

Dressing rooms are one of the most special corners of a home. Clothes, shoes, bags and the myriad of accessories alone give character to this area and thus serve as the best adornments. But if you’d like to take your home to another level, why not add a few books on fashion, architecture or design to really bring this space into its own. You could arrange them on top of a set of drawers or use them to support other items.

  • Candles for the bathroom

If you wish to create a special ambiance in your bathroom, candles are the solution you were looking for. Use scented candles to infuse the bathroom with perfume, but if you are worried about using a naked flame, LED candles are available. The presence of candles helps to create a calming atmosphere in which to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Use candles to decorate your bathroom and create your own home spa.

  •  Photos for the bedroom

No home décor project would be complete without adding a special touch to the bedrooms. These most intimate and personal parts of the house should tell a story about the people who sleep in them. This is why photos make a good choice as they not only evoke memories of many of the good times you have had, but pictures of family and friends will remind you of the most important people in your life. Place them on your bedside table or hang them on the wall in the style of a painting.

By adopting these tips you will be able to turn your house into your own unique home. Remember that you can often achieve more with less, and it is important not to lose sight of what it is you are aiming for.


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