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Decorating the children’s bedroom

Decorating the children’s bedroom: creating a safe space for the little ones

Are you thinking about decorating the children’s bedroom but are wondering about how to approach the task? You may not have thought about how important interior design is for children's development. Creating a place that is safe for your children is essential if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises and domestic mishaps. Gestilar, as experts in residential building projects, has given you some tips in the past on how to decorate your home, and now we wish to share with you some of the secrets of decorating children’s bedrooms to create a safe, danger-free zone.

The first step in decorating your children’s bedroom is to pay attention to the flooring. It should be warm, non-slip and slightly soft so that they do not harm themselves if they fall. Of course, the floor is usually already there when you buy the house, but you can lay a carpet or rugs over the top of the tiles. Another element to think about is paint. It should be washable and non-toxic to prevent any infections.

The next item to consider is the bed. It should be the right size for your child, and for toddlers we recommend one fitted with a rail to stop your child from falling out of bed. It may be a good idea to fix a small lamp or nightlight to the bedside as this is something that many children appreciate. And it is always safer to position the bed next to the wall.

What kind of furniture is suitable for children’s bedrooms?

The furniture should ideally be of the right size and height for the children who are going to use it. This way we can encourage them to become more independent in their daily tasks, such as getting dressed, playing games or keeping their belongings tidy. Also check that the furniture does not have any sharp edges, corners or protuberances that they could accidentally hurt themselves on. It is also advisable to avoid furniture with components or small parts that can be easily dismantled.

Another recommendation is to opt to use modular furniture. Modular units can extend the life of the furniture and can be adjusted to changing needs as the children grow. The units will be quite low when the children are small, and as they grow taller, the height of the units can be adjusted accordingly. They provide an efficient option for decorating a room. Don’t forget to anchor them well to the walls so they don’t topple over.

The final safety aspect to bear in mind when decorating a child’s bedroom is to pay attention to the plugs and electricity sockets. Many are within a child’s reach, so cover them with protectors so they are not exposed, putting the safety of your children at risk. Likewise, gather up any wires to make sure that children cannot play with them.

By following these few simple steps, you will create a safe space for your children. Do you feel inspired to set to work?


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