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Re-invent your home: 4 ideas to decorate the walls of your house.

Autumn has arrived almost without realizing it, hasn’t it? Your mind is rested, you go back to your routines, you set new goals, and – why not? – a new feel for your home?

We don’t mean major refurbishment, or large expenditure on new furniture, but rather something simpler that can give the various rooms in your house a personal, distinct, and distinguishing touch: 4 ideas to decorate walls. Let’s go!

The memories wall.

Be inspired and start to collect family photographs, inspirational landscapes from your travels, illustrations you like, motivational quotations, and … start putting together a grand mural! Choose a colour for the frames (white and natural wood are always a good choice), which should be plain without too many patterns or decoration, and combine them in different sizes. Set an imaginary limit, above, below, and down the sides, and hang the frames in different positions, vertically and horizontally, without going outside these limits.

Where would this look great? In your entrance hall there is bound to be a space where you can put all of these ‘home-grown’ items together. They can welcome you every time you return home!

* Tip: if all of the images are also of the same basic colour, your idea will be more harmonious and will have greater continuity. Allow yourself to be guided by the colours that dominate in the decoration of that room.


Healthy green.

Without doubt, one of the trendiest ideas to decorate the walls of your house. Forget having your pot plants sitting on tables or on the floor: Why not hang them?

Create a great green mural that will make the space fresh and original. You can hang them directly from the wall or you can use, for example, a metal or wooden structure as a support from which to hang them. If you have an office, it will be perfect for opposite your desk.

* Tip: Change your traditional flower pots and put your plants in wooden boxes.


 Vintage style.

One of the latest trends for decorating the walls of your house is… plates! You can find a wide variety in specialist shops, sorted according to their colours, and you will be able to combine different patterns and pictures. Your kitchen could be the perfect place to create this corner, allowing you to enjoy decoration that is completely different from the norm.


Although it may seem madness at first sight, this decorative item has never really gone out of fashion, provided that it is perfectly integrated will all other items. In a bedroom (using smooth bedspreads and cushions without patterns), it can be the perfect complement to go above the headboard. Are you ready to give it a try?

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have a trick you would like to share with us?

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