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new home in Boadilla del Monte

Are you looking for a new home in Boadilla del Monte? Discover its parks!

What is most important to you when looking for a new home? Green areas that allow you to escape from the stress of the city? If you are looking for a new home in Boadilla del Monte, you will many of such areas here!

In this municipality just outside Madrid, its 59 parks are one of its main attractions for people looking for an eco-sustainable environment. Discover why living in Boadilla del Monte is synonymous with quality of life.

The Parks of Boadilla del Monte

Yes, that’s right, Boadilla has no less than 59 parks distributed across the municipality. Overall, they extend over 480,000 m2 of parklands where the residents can spend their leisure time.

To this, we can add its gardens and forests, bringing the total to over 5 million square meters, making Boadilla a clear example of a town that places great importance on investing in a sustainable future.

Juan Carlos I Park is a large park occupying 35,000 m2. Its family attractions include a wooden castle and a long zip-wire, multi-sport courts and a cycling lane.

Another extensive park is the John Paul II Park, covering 22,500 m2. Its skating rink is one of the best in the municipality.

There are two more areas of natural beauty nearby, which are The Gardens of the Infante Don Luis Palace, where there is an outdoor terrace to enjoy a few drinks in the evening, and the recently inaugurated Mirador del Nacedero Forest Park, which has several observation points from where you can get a view of its crown jewel; the Infante Don Luis Palace.

In terms of figures, there are more than 3,000 trees in the town of Boadilla del Monte, of which the plane trees and pine trees are the most common of the 74 species that grow here.

Single-family homes in Boadilla del Monte, the perfect setting

All the above make buying a new-build home in Boadilla del Monte a great option if you are looking to enjoy your free time in a natural landscape or if you love outdoor sports. This is why Gestilar suggests its Isla Cíes, Islas Ons and Isla de Sálvora developments. All of them have been designed so that you can feel at home both inside, in their interior living spaces and outside, in the residential area where they are located. They even offer you the possibility of adapting the design to your own tastes and individual requirements.

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