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Interior decoration with plants

Interior decoration with plants: Nature in your home!



Interior decoration with plants is one of the star trends of recent years, and is now at the forefront of how spaces are envisaged, given that it fits in perfectly with one of the most fashionable decorative styles: Nordic. But how can you introduce plants into your rooms in a way that is more original and do something different?

Hanging plants, the latest thing for creating a unique corner!

It is clear that among the latest trends in interior decoration with plants, conventional flowerpots have been practically forgotten. If you use them… make sure they’re hanging!


If you have enough room and the place you have chosen is bright, we recommend you create a feature with two or three, by hanging them at different heights so that they bring dynamism to your room. Otherwise, if it is somewhere like a lobby (which tends to be darker), one should be enough to give you that ‘natural’ touch you are looking for.

In order to ‘reinforce’ the idea, avoid materials such as plastic and instead go for cord, wicker, or raffia.

Tip: Do you have an office in your home? Bring balance and give your office some ‘breathing space’ with this trick: fix a bar of light-coloured wood in front of the desk and use it to hang small flowerpots.

Create your own ‘green wall’

As an extension to the previous concept, why not create a small vertical garden? This will give texture to your walls by making them the undisputed centrepiece of the decoration of your home. As an idea, take as your starting-point a strip of wood from which you can hang flowerpots, choosing lush plants such as ferns, so that you create a ‘natural cascade’.

Mini greenhouses

How about this idea? The main advantage is that, given its size, you can put it almost anywhere, and furthermore, depending on your tastes, you can move it into the room that best suits you. Dare to break the rules and try out some original shapes like the one in the photo!

decoracion de interiores con plantas - invernadero

Also with decorative prints

Decorative prints could be the perfect choice for small spaces. In our post on ideas for decorating the walls of your house, we proposed composing a mural with picture frames of different sizes. How about creating one with images of wild leaves or plants?


Just as we advised in that post, combine white frames with wooden frames to emphasize the ‘natural’ effect. If you like to be a little more daring, use black or metal to give it a more industrial look.

Must have: 3 interior plants that no home should be without

Naturally, the key to interior decorating with plants is to know which varieties are best suited for interior spaces. We propose the following 3:

  • Cactus: they’re easy to look after and need little water.
  • Swiss Cheese plant: very decorative because of its large leaves. It needs shade and doesn’t like sunlight.
  • Ivy: fast-growing, perfect for hanging baskets or your green wall.