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The allure of penthouse living!

If there is one place in the building that is often the most appealing and desirable among the residents, it is the penthouse.  This top-floor living space is distinguished by its exclusivity, and it is the ideal home for people wanting their own private space without forfeiting community life. These properties usually feature open-plan spaces and are stylishly designed, while respecting the aesthetics of the rest of the building. At Gestilar, we are aware of this, which is why we build the perfect penthouses, and their unique attributes are their best-selling point. Below, we will reveal all the benefits of living in a penthouse. Pay attention

The allure of penthouse living

1 >An infinite terrace

The spacious terraces that penthouses boast of are often their main draw and the reason for choosing them as a home. An evening with friends, relaxing with a book, sharing a meal... Enticing Terraces are the living-space of choice to spend your special moments at home, and none more so than in high-rise apartments.


This ample outdoor living space also provides the room to create a small garden, a relaxation area or a private sun-terrace.

2 > Postcard views

High-rise homes offer the privilege of stunning views. Choosing a penthouse as your home, means that  you will enjoy unrivalled panoramic views over the city. Never forget that a penthouse will allow you to gaze at the city skyline any time of day or night.


3 > Natural sunlight

Last, but by no means least, if you decide to live in a penthouse you will never tire of its natural luminosity. The windows allow the natural sunlight through, whose benefits you can enjoy all day long, including a reduced energy use, which you will notice in your electricity bills. Natural light is the best light of all for showing off your interior décor.

Please note that Gestilar penthouses all share the common denominator of an aesthetic design, making the living space even more attractive. Their clear glass barriers and large windows are key features that allow the natural sunlight to flood into your home. All our high-rise homes offer panoramic vistas of the city that will make you the envy of your friends. In our penthouses, the opportunity to gaze out at the urban skyline is leveraged to its maximum potential.

The Isla de la Toja penthouses, located in Tempranales (San Sebastián de los Reyes), are special because of their eco-sustainable construction which elevates still more the plentiful sunlight they benefit from. Their terraces are the best attraction for enjoying your free time with your family or for sharing fun moments with friends.


The Islas Estelas penthouses conjure up the sensation of an infinity terrace, produced by their design and architecture. This area of the home functions as moving sections, creating interesting contrasts on the façade and making this development unique, setting it apart from the rest of the buildings in the area. These penthouses, located in an area of Madrid where property prices are rising, aim to amplify the feeling of spaciousness in the entire home. They combine organic materials such as stone and wood to generate an ambiance of  warmth and comfort.


At the Isla de Tambo development, the penthouses look out in two directions, and the residence has excellent connections with Madrid’s major districts. A strong commitment to sustainability was employed in the construction of this development, and the homes are fitted with underfloor heating, a solar-powered hot water system, ducted air-conditioning system and an air renewal and treatment system. All of which was designed to maximise Energy Efficiency.


We must not forget the Isla de Pedrosa penthouses in Valdebebas, an expanding area in Madrid, which is viewed as the new smart city. These high-rise apartments feature all the Gestilar hallmarks of high-quality materials and customised finishes. A singular aspect of this development is that the residents will benefit from smart post-boxes for their online purchases, as well as cardio-protection areas.


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