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How to organise the perfect brunch on your terrace.

How to organise the perfect brunch on your terrace.

Summer and the warm weather have arrived, and with them, you’ll be looking forward to enjoying your outdoor living-space. We propose the ideal plan for having a great time on your terrace with friends and family. Hera are all the tips you need to organise the perfect brunch to delight your guests. 

Prepare the terrace

Write out a checklist a few days before:

  • The perfect time for brunch on your terrace is around midday, so make sure that everyone will be in the shade out of the heat and feeling comfortable.
  • Now is the moment to give your terrace that personal touch. Are you keeping up with this year’s décor trends? Take a look at our post on enticing terraces for inspiration on creating a special ambiance
  • Do any of your guests have allergies or food intolerances? If so, remember to prepare something for everyone. 

A brunch that “inspires”

Arrange the dishes attractively with appealing colour combinations; this is a relaxed meal so ensure everything is attractively presented, inviting your guests to help themselves as they chat in a relaxing, enjoyable and amiable atmosphere.

Tip: Decorate the table with vases and wild-flower arrangements to give it a rustic, cosy feel to make everyone “feel at home”.

Avoid overdoing the decoration and keep it on the minimalist side, with DIY touches to suit the occasion. Another idea is to replace normal glasses with jars.     

como-organizar-un-brunch-perfecto-bote como-organizar-un-brunch-perfecto

Your brunch essentials

Offer variety, combining sweet and savoury dishes using fresh and natural ingredients.

The trick? Arrange a corner for each type of food.

  • Juices and fruit: create small “still-life” arrangements.
  • Dairy and meat: yogurts, cheeses, turkey, etc.
  • Bread and pastries.
  • Savoury dishes: sandwiches, toasts and salads. And no brunch is complete without eggs, whether these be the traditional Benedictine eggs with hollandaise sauce, or an omelette, scrambled, fried or poached.


To round off your event, put on a little background music to complete the ambiance.

To help inspire you with ideas, we have created our own Spotify list for the occasion: 

“Brunch” play list

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