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Latest generation induction worktops,

Latest generation induction worktops, the future of domestic kitchens with Gestilar

At Gestilar, we continue to invest in innovation: the latest revolution has arrived in our kitchens! Continue reading this post to learn all about the exclusive worktops that will be featuring in our newest developments and which are used in Spain’s top Michelin Start restaurants.

Through our aim to provide the latest technological advances as well as a unique experience in all of our homes, Gestilar is to incorporate TPB tech® induction worktops into its homes, replacing traditional induction and vitroceramic hobs. This innovative technique is a Gestilar exclusive, since it is the only developer in Spain to offer the Catalan firm’s avant-garde system. The new home-owners at Isla de Tambo, Mediterrània I and Isla de Pedrosa will be the first to benefit from it.

Induction worktops have arrived in the housing market to revolutionise the traditional concept of cooking, giving it an original twist. TPB tech® is the first surface that allows you to cook directly on it through induction without the need for a gas flame, a hob or a vitroceramic surface.

Benefits of an induction worktop

These innovative worktops bring equal advantages to your cooking methods and kitchen space fusing both into a harmonious whole. In this respect, the versatility of induction worktops means they can feature in any type of space, raising the design and architecture of the kitchen to the same level of the rest of the home. Since induction worktops are visually attractive, integrating the kitchen into the rest of the living areas in the home is no longer a problem and creating open-plan kitchens in the living room becomes a real option.

As well as the aesthetic benefits, another plus is the technology incorporated into these worktops which makes cooking a pleasure. 

In terms of quality, these ground-breaking induction worktops incorporate the latest generation materials and cutting-edge technology. Customers will be able to choose the finish they most prefer from the range on offer.

Top chefs choose induction worktops

The best introduction to these exclusive worktops is that offered by opinion leaders.

Chef Martín Berasategui, distinguished with 10 Michelin Starts, has installed TPB tech® technology at his Restaurant Lasarte. The quality, robustness, durability and how easy the worktops are to clean has resulted in his dishes and the experience he offers earning a ten out of ten.

The Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant, boasting 2 Michelin Stars, has a whole array of these induction worktops in their main kitchens, as well as in the classrooms where they provide training programmes.

The prestigious CETT catering college has also invested in this induction worktop technology in its kitchens. Their high performance in terms of resistance, energy efficiency and ease of cleaning is the key to offering the best training for future chefs.

So, if you are looking for a new home and like to keep up with all the latest trends in the home, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out everything our residential developments offer.