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how to create a vertical garden

DIY Decoration: Create a vertical garden on your terrace, step-by-step

If you love to be surrounded by greenery and would like to try your hand at the latest trend, why not build a vertical garden? This home décor feature is the newest craze among amateur gardeners, as it adds both a stylish and decorative focal point to your home. A vertical garden is not only an attractive interior décor concept using plants inside your home but it also brightens up your outdoor living spaces. They are an excellent choice for adding a decorative element to your living space because they can be easily adapted to any environment and the plants grow exuberantly suspended in the air. So, let’s get to work to create your vertical garden on your terrace in 4 simple steps. Let’s begin!

STEP 1: Design your vertical garden

Before creating your vertical garden, first you need to design it. Take a pencil and paper and let your creativity run wild, bearing in mind the amount of space you have and the exact spot where you want your garden to steal the show. Choose which shape you would like and how you want to combine the different plants. You should also think about the different shades and colours of your vertical garden. Don’t forget that this is going to be a key feature of your terrace, so you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

STEP 2: Gather the materials you need to build it

Gather together all the materials you will need to build your vertical garden. Find the frame for the garden, nails to hang it up, a mesh to hold the soil and, above all, choose a good quality substrate. It is a good idea to visit a garden centre and let them advise you on which materials you will need according to the climate, the orientation of the vertical garden and the plants you are going to use.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get to work on building your vertical garden. Be patient, because it doesn’t always turn out how you want it the first time.

STEP 3: Set up the watering system

Once the structure is in place with the substrate, you need to set up the watering system to make sure the plants on your green wall will thrive over time. Since most of these vertical systems are made of modules, people normally opt for a drip watering system. But if you are unsure, get some expert advice or even ask an expert to install it for you.

STEP 4: Arrange the plants

The last step in setting up your vertical garden on your terrace is to arrange the plants. This is where you use your creativity to devise a pleasing arrangement. You could choose ferns, hanging plants or succulents, which are hardy and easy to maintain, as well as attractive. If you have green fingers and like gardening, go for flowers or other plants requiring greater care and which will keep you occupied during your free time.

By following these steps, you will create a vertical garden for your terrace that will turn it into a welcoming and trendy living space this summer.





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