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 carsharing in residents’ communities

Gestilar; the first developer to introduce carsharing in residents’ communities

For some time now, electric cars have been circulating around our cities, making mobility easier and more sustainable, reducing our worries about how to get around the city centre or how to travel to work or university.

The practice of carsharing, to save on petrol costs or to make travelling more sustainable, has been around for a long time. But now it’s the turn of the residents’ communities to get on board with carsharing, practically without having to leave home.

Gestilar is the first developer to introduce carsharing in communities of home-owners by offering the infrastructure needed to enable the residents to set up their own car-sharing scheme. The developer is to provide several electric vehicle car-parking spaces for this purpose that can be used by the community in order to encourage the sharing economy.

“Investing in innovation has always been one of our cornerstones. It is of great benefit for the community as it provides the practical services that meet the demands of today’s society. We are working to create ever more fully-serviced and exclusive communities,” Gestilar chairman, Javier García-Valcárcel said.

Carsharing in Madrid, Majorca and Badalona

The Isla de Pedrosa and Isla de Cortegada (Madrid), Mediterrània (Majorca) and Voramar (Badalona) developments will be the first to enjoy this benefit. The owners of these future homes will enjoy the convenience of this service, available to them every day in the residents’ car park, plus the added bonus of the advantages of unrestricted access to the city centre and unlimited parking there.

With this initiative, “the electric car is an effective vehicle that enables us to attain our goal of zero emissions and of promoting the sharing economy through the use of car-sharing,” said Gestilar chairman, García-Valcárcel. By pursuing these improvements, we will become “a positive agent for change in society,” García-Valcárcel added.

This scheme will make use of new technology by allowing the residents, if they wish, the option of booking any of the cars available in their community through an app.

As a result, carsharing in Gestilar developments is now a reality and is an added value offered by our developer. Everything is geared to guarantee our homes an exceptional design and to provide them with the features that set us apart. Are you ready for sustainable mobility?