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Ideas for decorating hallways

TOP 5: Ideas for decorating hallways

If you have ever asked yourself how you should decorate a hallway, this post will offer you some original ideas to help you give this part of your home its own identity. If you want your home to become an icon of style, don’t forget to make the most of the hallways. Rather than just existing as a transit area, hallways should be allowed to be a room in their own right and to have their pride of place among the rest of the living areas. So, grab a pen and paper and note down these hallway décor ideas.

1 > Wallpaper

With wallpaper on the walls your hall will be anything but boring and monotonous. To make the papering job easier and to save money, choose washable and self-adhesive wallpaper. Choose a design that coordinates with the decorative style of the rest of your home. There is a myriad options to choose from when it comes to wallpapers: floral, stripes, figurative, prints – whatever you can imagine, it exists.

2 > Flowers and Plants

Decorating interiors with plants always adds a natural vibrancy to the home, and when used for decorating a long, narrow hallway, they come into their own. Flowers and plants add a refreshing dimension to closed spaces, as well as adding a splash of colour. They can become a feature of a hallway, turning it into a welcoming space. Remember, when choosing plants for your hallway, go for indoor plants that don’t require a lot of care and attention.

3 > Pictures and Prints

Paintings and prints make good focal points, drawing attention to this area. The hallway can therefore be the perfect place to hang your pictures. To make them even more eye-catching, choose a special frame for each picture and shine a spotlight on them to highlight the beauty of the work. Don’t forget to hang them up straight!

4 > Shelves

If your hallway is wide enough and there is enough space, storage and shelving make an excellent decorative option. As well as using them to tidy away items, you can organise your books, or make pleasing arrangement with ornaments or photo frames of memorable moments from your life. Shelves provide the opportunity to combine organisation with decoration while making good use of this often neglected part of your home.

5 > Lighting

Lastly, to give your hallway a contemporary look, install a variety of lighting fittings which, as well as brightening up the space, also add an extra decorative feature. If it is boho-chic that you are into, why not drape garlands of lights along the length of the hallway? Remember, when installing light fittings, it is advisable to get an expert to do the work so you don’t damage the structure of your home and to make sure all safety requirements are observed.

At Gestilar, as leaders in residential projects, we hope that these five tips will inspire you to transform your hallway and create a new living-space in your home.