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 What is Wellness Real Estate?

Healthy Home: What is Wellness Real Estate?

Did you know that over our lifetime we spend around 90% of our time indoors? Of this total amount, how much of it do you spend at home? Damp, lack of natural light and insufficient ventilation are some of the reasons that our indoor spaces are not as comfortable as they could be and why they often fail to “guarantee” an optimum quality of life.

Today, we will find out what Wellness Real Estate is and how to apply it to your home. What are the key features of this concept and how are we working at Gestilar to design healthy homes that “take care of you”?

5 key aspects of Wellness Real Estate

Optimum Heat Insulation in your home

What is the right temperature? That at which we are neither too hot nor too cold. It’s as simple as that! As well as using quality materials in the construction of your home, having an efficient indoor heating system is also a major factor. At Gestilar, we have therefore opted for the best system: the advantages of underfloor heating are notable compared with other options. It distributes the temperature evenly around the home by irradiating heat from the floor and it maintains the amount of humidity in the environment at just the right level, thus resulting in less dust and fewer dust mites.

Isla de Mouro, Isla de Ízaro, Islas Estelas and Isla de La Toja are just some of our projects that benefit from this system.

The “power” of natural light in Wellness Real Estate

The degree to which a home can benefit from natural sunlight is dependent on its orientation and the intensity of the light, which varies according to the time of day, with the light being brighter in the morning and becoming less intense in the evening. Large windows, spacious living areas and lighter colours allow you to make the most of natural light indoors. For instance, at Islas Estelas, the living rooms and kitchens are south-facing and lead directly out onto the terraces, whereas the bedrooms are on the north-facing side.

Energy Efficiency

As described in the “Healthy Homes, Sustainable Buildings“ report by the DKV observatory, the goal for achieving a home offering an excellent quality of life is to obtain a close to zero energy consumption through more efficient installations and domestic appliances and the responsible use of renewable energy. At Gestilar, we are constantly striving to accomplish this goal, and many of our homes now boast the highest Class A energy efficiency rating.

Breathe “clean” air

This is undoubtedly one of the key features of Wellness Real Estate and healthy homes. “Quality” air can only be achieved through its constant “renewal”, which is why Gestilar now employs individual MVHR mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, a system that promotes wellbeing by ensuring the ideal air temperature and humidity levels in relation to those outside. It also facilitates natural cross-ventilation which re-circulates the air indoors, thus greatly reducing energy consumption.

Pure Water

We recommend using active carbon filters and inverse osmosis membranes to purify your water. Remember that a healthy home is one that also protects the environment, so to minimise your use of water, install devices in your taps and sanitary fittings that permit a more efficient use of water.