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Original headboards for your bedroom

Original headboards for your bedroom: find your style!


Are you thinking about how to decorate your bedroom? Today we show you 4 original headboards that will set you apart and are sure to create the perfect ambience according to the style that best suits your personality.

For this room, we have already looked at how to take maximum advantage of natural light in interior spaces, and today we will give you some ideas for how to ‘present’ the room visually. Take note!


Original headboards in wood: Bohemian style

There is no doubt that this material has become the star feature of interior decoration in recent years. For your headboard, one idea might be to use a pallet or various planks of wood to make a rectangle (symmetrical or not, as you prefer), and to fit it vertically or horizontally to the wall.

Another option, which is trending right now, is to use drawers, which gives you both storage space and originality in equal measure. Furthermore, this is perfect for separating spaces if your bedroom is open-plan and adjoins another room.

Cabeceros originales para el dormitorio 2

Tip: you can give the wood a more vintage look by sanding it or by using a special varnish. And if you add a touch of light … you’ll create a unique atmosphere!

Capitoné: a classic style for your headboard

The upholstery known as ‘capitoné’ is a classic must that is never out of fashion. It is elegant, distinguished, and has lots of personality, making it ideal for combining with more traditional furniture, but to which you can give a more modern look. One idea is to choose a light colour for the headboard, some metal-effect bedside lights, and be daring with a velvet shoe-removing chair in a darker tone such as burgundy: a certain success!

Original headboards with recycled materials: industrial style

Perfect for bedrooms for younger people, we propose using recycled materials. You can go for a coloured kilim (striped, oriental…) to provide a warm atmosphere, or reuse an old wooden window or a wooden screen. You’ll be surprised!

Cabeceros originales para el dormitorio 3

And what about no headboard? Casual style

You can also opt not to ‘dress’ the head of the bed, but be sure to try out other options! If your room arrangement and space allow, put the head of the bed up against a window. Or you could emphasize it by ‘crowning’ it with a large picture or with an asymmetric vinyl that gives the overall effect a modern style. If these ideas are not for you, how about papering just that wall of the bedroom? It will ‘fill’ the empty space.


Did you like these ideas for original headboards for your bedroom?