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Natural light indoors: How to make the best use of it in the bedroom.

If there is one room in your home that deserves special attention, it is the bedroom: a room in which the decoration ought to be focussed on providing the maximum possible amount of comfort and relaxation, making it a small oasis where you can disconnect and rest. What colours increase the sense of harmony and space, and what role does natural light play indoors?


Pale colours: always a safe bet

If what you want is to get the most out of the natural light in the bedroom, choose a pale range of colours, both for your textiles and for the walls and furniture. This is the ideal choice because it will increase the sense of a large space by reflecting the light that falls on them. Whites, greys, and pastel tones will help in achieving this effect, but you should be careful not to be ‘boring’: include a brighter colour in small details (candles, cushions, pictures, etc.); this will give your bedroom some character.

Tip: Look at our post on paint colours that are in vogue in 2018 and renew your bedroom in the latest style.

Curtains: key to interior lighting

Without doubt your curtains are one of the elements of your bedroom that have a direct effect on whether or not light comes in from outside, so it is essential to choose the right ones. How? Firstly the material: it must ensure privacy but without being too opaque. Choose smooth, filmy materials such as              linen or silk. Secondly colour: there is no doubt that white is the best choice because it lightens the space. Lastly, their cut and shape: even if the window itself does not reach the floor, using long curtains will give the impression that they do, which will once again increase the luminosity of the room and the sense of space.

Tip: Try to place your furniture as far away as possible from the window, this will allow the light to become the key focal point in the room.

Mirrors: the trick professionals use

Use mirrors or decorative glass or metallic items which will reflect as much light as possible and give a sense of depth.

Tip: place them right in front of the light source, this will multiply the effect.

Open-plan room: less is more

If you have too much furniture in the room you will reduce space and make it darker than it really is. ‘Dress’ the room with what is really essential, and make sure that at least some of the furniture is, as we have stated above, in pale colours to reflect the light.


Thinking about changing some of the details in your bedroom? If you put these tips to increase natural light indoors into practice, we would love to see the result!