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Advice for buying a house

Advice for buying a house: height, a key factor

When choosing a new-build home, there are many factors that can sway buyers towards one option or another, such as the location, the design or the communal areas. Today, we are going to talk about height! Make a note of these tips when buying a home. Which do you prefer? An apartment or a ground floor house with a garden? We are going to tell you more about the advantages of each type of home.

High-rise homes: more light and better views

One of the biggest plus points of living in a high-rise apartment is undoubtedly the abundance of natural light, which helps to save on electricity bills, as you will be switching on the lights, the heating and the ventilation systems less often.

And there’s the views: Are you the kind of person who loves to gaze at the scenery? Take a look at the penthouse at our Isla de la Toja development, located right by the Dehesa de Boyal Natural Park in Tempranales, a conservation area that endows the district with an expanse of greenery.

A ground-floor house: your own outdoor space

One aspect to consider when buying a house is how much you would like to have a large terrace area and a private garden. You will lean towards this option especially if you have children as it means they will have a safe enclosed area where they can play outdoors any time. The same goes if you have a pet. What could be better for them than having a place in the fresh air to burn off their energy?

Another advantage of outdoor spaces is their versatility. Any ideas? For instance, you could create your own chill-out corner where you can kick back and relax without leaving your home! Or how about a vegetable garden?


What would make you feel more at home?

In addition to this advice on whether to buy a high-rise or ground floor home, other aspects, such as your age, the priorities you have at your current stage of life as well as your long-term plans, will lead you plump for one option or the other. Which do you prefer?

Please let us know!


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