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How do I decorate my terrace? Ideas to get the best out of it

It’s high summer, time to enjoy being outdoors! Today we have some top tips on how to decorate a terrace with the latest trends, while at the same time converting it into a comfortable and functional space, in harmony with the rest of your home.

Take note!

The importance of continuity across spaces

One of the latest trends in decoration is based on there being no ‘boundaries’, or at least that they should be rather blurred, with the terrace being considered as just another room in the house; and the fact is that quite often there is no connection between the indoors and the outdoors, resulting in there being no personal touch and decorative continuity being lost.

What should we do? Follow the same colour code and choose furniture that is similar to that in the adjoining room, thereby giving rise to a sense of uniformity so that the space can flow.

Another option is to emphasize details, such as for example patterns or colour points. Imagine that the cushions in your lounge have a tribal design on them, you can take advantage and include this theme in your terrace with candles, cushions, or pictures: a certain success!

Plenty of green: your point of contact with nature

Without doubt, one of the main points when it comes to how to decorate a terrace: plants… Why not play with how they are positioned?

Try using a pair of ‘hanging baskets’ in a corner and set them at different heights. They will add lots of dynamism and will give a touch of originality.

And a ‘vertical garden’? Using wooden panels, you can create a mini space where plants are front and centre: green walls that make your terrace fresh.

Create a unique ambience

A terrace is a place to be enjoyed, normally reserved for leisure, whether in a more relaxed setting or as somewhere to enjoy a more animated evening with friends. As such, the ambience created is essential: do not use direct light sources, but rather small sources of illumination.

Any ideas? Use small light bulbs, hang them from the ceiling, along the wall, or perhaps around a plant (like a Christmas tree). If you want to use lamps, make them dim and spread them out around the terrace. And naturally, candles or lanterns, which can be placed on the table or on the floor, create warmth, atmosphere, and give your decoration a touch of boho.

Beyond traditional furniture

Do you have a corner in your terrace? Perfect! Create a small bench with lots of cushions, combine patterns and colours, and you will give your terrace a touch of fun. Pouffes can also be the perfect accessory.

And if you have space, why not a hanging chair or a small rocking chair? It can become the perfect spot for reading.

Have these tips for how to decorate your terrace been useful? Do you have an idea you want to share with us? Tell us about it!

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