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Nordic-style decoration: 5 tips to bring this trend into your home.

Without doubt, Nordic-style decoration, which made its appearance in our homes around a decade ago, is here to stay. This decorating trend which emerged in the early 20th century has now become an icon, currently timeless, seemingly impervious to fashion.

While it is true that it has become purer over time, the so-called ‘Nordic style’ possesses some unique characteristics that make it unmistakable. What are they?

Here are the keys to creating this atmosphere in your home… Take note!

Plenty of light, plenty of white.

If there is one thing that characterizes Nordic-style decoration it is the predominance of the colour white, or if not white, then pastel colours, particularly beige and grey, and this makes rooms feel very luminous.

And the fact is that the countries that ‘created’ this unmistakable style are lacking in natural light, and as such they need the walls, floors, and furniture to make best use of the light.

Simplicity and straight lines.

Continuing with the previous point, Nordic-style decoration is characterized by the creation of a tranquil, serene atmosphere that avoids any visual shocks. As such, the furniture tends to have clean straight lines, while the fabrics used in upholstery, cushions, blankets, or curtains tend to be smooth, or at most have only small adornments.

The underlying rule? Not to ‘overload’ the room and create a space that is clean, spacious, uncluttered, and above all practical.

Wood and metal: a perfect combination of materials.

If there is one material that is ubiquitous in Nordic-style decoration, it is wood. Beech and birch, with their more neutral colours, tend to be the most popular, and not just for floors, but also for furniture and accessories. How should it be combined? Metallic trim and copper provide a perfect fusion between what is homely and a more ‘industrial’ style, modernizing the end result and avoiding something that might be too ‘sugary’.



Decoración estilo nordico_MOOD

Mixture of styles.

In order to create the effect referred to in the previous section, why not include an antique piece of furniture? Try one made of metal or of a darker shade of wood, thereby clashing with the rest of the decoration and providing a personal touch. Another pillar of Nordic-style decoration is its Do It Yourself philosophy, and as such any ‘home-made’ creation, whether a blanket or a restored antique, will blend in perfectly as a counter-balance in the room.

Nature: one more inhabitant.

If there is one colour that will stand out more than any other it is green: flood the corners of your house with eye-catching plants, or follow the trend to decorate the walls of your home with a houseplant mural.

You can also choose details that include some sort of ‘natural’ inspiration: pine cones, leaf patterns, bunches of wild flowers…


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