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Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home


5 Advantages of Buying a Brand New Home

Should you buy a new-build home or go for one that has already been lived in? This is the main dilemma people face when they consider moving house or acquiring their first property. Despite the fact that over the past decade the second option has been the most popular on the market, ‘brand-new’ homes are starting to recover their leading role, as may be seen from this recent report into the profile of those buying new-build homes by Fotocasa.


Buying a brand-new house: the joy of being first!

There is no doubt that the ‘being first’ incentive is normally a decisive factor when buying a brand-new house. And the fact is that knowing that it is ready for you to move in straight away and that you can enjoy it from day one makes future buyers choose this option.

Meanwhile, with a pre-owned house, it is quite likely that some refurbishment work will have to be done, either because the infrastructure is old or because we want to personalize it to our individual tastes.


Quality, the latest technology, and energy efficiency

New-build homes are technically superior: the materials used, the new technologies in construction procedures, energy supplies, finishes…

As such, they are more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and offer greater future savings in the maintenance costs of the building. So many advantages!

For example, some of our developments have underfloor heating and MVHR, individual mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, the latest innovation for improving thermal comfort and ventilation in the home.

In addition, although buying a new-build home represents a higher up-front cost, in the long run these energy savings make it a profitable investment.


Personalization options

At Gestilar we offer our clients the opportunity to make numerous personalizations before moving into their home, so as to offer a design that is in accordance with their individual needs. Because we love making people’s dreams come true to order!


More comfort, higher quality of life

Currently, the concept of a home has ‘expanded’ and it now encompasses not just the space where we live as such, but also the communal areas which new developments tend to boast about: gardens, children’s play areas, a gym, sports facilities, a swimming pool, and other extras that make life on the estate as comfortable as possible for the whole family.


Better finance options

In general terms, buying a new-build home offers a longer time frame within which to choose between the various forms of finance, especially if you are buying before construction has even started, and so you can find the best conditions to suit the situation of each buyer.


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