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4 ideas for Christmas decorations

4 ideas for Christmas decorations: make your house the most original!

Are you ready for this year’s holiday season? If you are one of those people still searching for ideas for how to decorate your house this Christmas in a way that is original, we will tell you about the latest trends that are here to stay. Surprise your guests with details which will, without any doubt, set you apart.


Natural decorations are in fashion!

One of the ideas for Christmas decorations that is making a big impact is to use leftovers from pruning and natural branches from fir, eucalyptus, or olive trees. An organic and natural decorative style which will take you away to those typical log cabins and country houses, providing your home with a rustic and homely feel. And the fact is that we are already used to seeing it at events such as weddings, aren’t we? Now it can ‘cross over’ into your home: use a long branch as a table runner, and complement it with some small candles and pine cones: it will give your room a lot of personality. Another idea is to place it on the mantelpiece, or on the windowsill of one of the main windows in the lounge. What do you think?


Wood: the star material

You are going to see it almost everywhere! And the fact is that this material, following on from the previous trend, has caught up with metal effects, the traditional stars of Christmas decoration par excellence. While we will still continue to see gold and silver effects, wood will be the real star this season because it is so versatile and the warmth it brings to any room.

Include it in Christmas-tree decorations, in decorative items (letters, candlesticks, table centres, etc.), and also … as part of your tableware! Look, look…



Nordic style, also at Christmas!

It is known for being a light, discreet, and elegant style of decoration, eschewing bright or clashing colours and effects that are overloaded.

Tones of white, beige, and grey are always a safe bet, with which you will be emphasizing the natural light in the room, and which can be combined perfectly with natural items such as wood, green, or red.


Your presents, the most original of all

One of the ideas for decorating your house this Christmas is to take advantage of the actual Christmas presents as decoration. Let your creativity run wild and create packaging that is truly original with recycled paper and by combining colours, sack material, string, and other truly handicraft materials. Personalize each one and place them either under the tree or in a special corner where they will have their own ‘presence’.



Do you know about the latest eco-friendly trends this Christmas? Use or recycle handkerchiefs or foulards to wrap them: two presents in one!


And for an unforgettable evening, we have prepared a very special playlist: follow the link and enjoy Christmas with Gestilar!