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Home automation: 5 apps to make your home a smart home

What do we mean by smart home? Despite the fact that, in general terms, this idea does not normally extend beyond automatically turning lights on and off or programming the heating or air conditioning to come on before we arrive home from work, the fact is that home automation covers a wide range of functions that make homes into places that are truly designed for comfort, increasing security, saving energy, and improving quality of life.

A whole world of possibilities that we will discover in today’s post.

Internet: the cornerstone of any smart home.

Want to control your home from your cellphone or tablet? Of course you can! But in order to do this you must have an optimal internet connection that allows good wireless communication between the various devices.

Where do I start?

On the various online stores you will find an infinite number of apps designed to automate your home, specifying their compatibility with the electronic devices you may have (and their brands), as well as the functions designed to improve your daily life. And as you will see, there is something for everyone …

  • Imperihome: considered to be one of the most complete in terms of home automation and with which you can control everything from the temperature and lighting of your home, the television set, the blinds, the garage doors, or watering the garden.
  • Parrot Flower Power: a real guilty pleasure for people who love nature and gardening. Why? It can detect and report on the needs of your plants, taking into account parameters such as humidity, temperature, or exposure to sunlight.
  • TYco Interactive Security: a perfect app to reinforce the security of your home, given that it allows you to view a live stream of the rooms in your house and also control all devices that are connected online. Its main advantage? It includes an alarm system to alert the police in the event of an emergency, and it can connect to the smoke alarm, among other options.
  • Ilumi: for those who like playing with their lighting and are always looking to create the perfect atmosphere for each occasion. By using compatible LED lights, you can dim the lighting, change the colour, and naturally you can automate turning them on and off.
  • Power Simulator: the power consumption of your domestic appliances under control. This app allows you to separately measure how much power each one of your appliances uses, distinguishing between using them at different times of the day, which can help you to save and improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Your Gestilar home, a smart home

Did you know that exclusive Gestilar homes offer numerous options and features in relation to home automation?

Because quality of life is part of our commitment: monitoring blinds, controlling the operation of the burglar alarm, or turning the heating on and off; these are just some of the options that you will find as part of our real-estate projects.

Your home, a whole new experience!