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Organize the perfect dinner party

Organize the perfect dinner party: details that make all the difference

The traditional season for reunions is nearly upon us: Christmas is just around the corner. There is nothing quite as special as sitting around the table with friends and family and enjoying happy times remembering anecdotes and disconnecting from one’s day-to-day routine. Do you want to surprise your guests this year by organizing the perfect dinner party? Here are a few tips which we feel sure will not fail to impress. 

Welcome home!

In every group of friends or family there is always someone who is hard to pin down: anticipate this by having a small feast ready. Make it more informal by preparing a canapé spread to be taken in the lounge, so that you can have a chat on the sofa and catch up while you are waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, while enjoying – for example – a glass of wine and some suitable cheese.

Tip: Have somewhere ready to keep coats and jackets, either in the entrance hall if you have a coat rack or wardrobe, or in one of the rooms of your house. This will avoid having all these items lying around which creates an impression of disorder. You could also ask them to forget their cellphones!

Personalized cards

One way of making them think that you have thought of every last detail when organizing the perfect dinner party is to prepare small personalized cards for everyone. Write their name on one side and leave them on the table, in front of each plate or on the napkins, so that they can see at a glance where they have to sit (thus avoiding that uncomfortable moment). On the other side you could write a short ‘dedication’ which is bound to raise a few smiles or bring to mind some special moment they shared with you. A nice touch!

Tip: Take allergies or food preferences into account: ask a few days before preparing everything so that you are not caught by surprise.

You also have to enjoy yourself

Try to cook food that does not require you to be locked in the kitchen all the time: for guests it is uncomfortable to see that the host is more concerned about serving than about having a good time.

The oven, your best ally: it allows you to cook without making too much of a mess and without having to stand over it all the time. Opt for bringing the tray out to the dining table and serving directly onto the plates. With regard to starters, these should be cold so you can prepare them in advance and keep them in the fridge.

Children should also have their own space

If a number of children coincide who are all roughly the same age, why not lay a table especially for them? Both they and their parents will thank you for it. If you have time and depending on their age, you could buy a game or print things for them to cut out or drawings for them to colour in, so that when they finish their dinner, they have something to keep them busy.

Play some music!

Forget about having the television on in the background and choose instead to play some music, given that this could be the perfect accompaniment to the evening, creating a truly pleasant atmosphere. However, make sure you don’t turn the volume up too loud so you can chat comfortably without having to raise your voice all the time, and be sure to pick the right songs. Don’t know where to start? We invite you to discover the official Gestilar ‘Perfect dinner parties’ playlist: a compilation designed for you to enjoy a quiet gathering with friends or family.


Listen the official PLAYLIST!


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Do you think you are a good host? Do you want to share your tips for how to surprise your guests and organize the perfect dinner party with us? We would love to hear them!