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DIY decoration

DIY decoration: let your creativity run wild

Autumn has arrived, and often what you most feel like doing, whether because of the cold or the rain, is staying at home. Well we can’t always just go for the ‘blanket and film’ option, so we are proposing 3 DIY decoration challenges to give your home a completely personal feel while enjoying a fun family time. Who’s willing to give the handmade trend a go? 

A clock of memories

What do I need?

  • 12 photographs in their respective frames
  • Clock mechanism with hands

This is a very simple DIY decoration, perfect for spending time creating it with the little ones at home. Choose 12 photos that are to stand in for the hours of the day and arrange them so as to make up the ‘clockface’. Bear in mind that the distance between them and the total diameter of the circle will depend on the length of the hands of the clock mechanism you have bought. It could look perfect in the kitchen!

Tip: Try to make sure that the photographs are all vertical or all horizontal, so as to ensure maximum symmetry. The frames can be different, which creates a more dynamic effect. How about alternating two different kinds?


Welcome home!

What do I need?

  • A plank of wood
  • A length of string
  • Marker pens
  • Paint (in some cases)


Without doubt, this is the perfect DIY decoration to welcome people in the most personal manner possible. Buy a small plank of wood and decorate it in accordance with the decorative style of the house. For example: if it is more rustic, let the colour of the wood be the main feature, or sand it to make it look old; if the style is more minimal, paint it white and give it a lacquered finish.

Once we have this ‘base’, all we have to do is write our message using special marker pens for the lettering. How do you want to welcome guests to your home? Write a positive message that is full of energy!

Lastly, make some small holes in the top corners, and tie the string with which you are going to hang it up.

Tip: the little ones of the household can add some of their favourite stickers or even add a handprint. A memory for ever!


Perfect table centres

What do I need?

  • Jars or jugs
  • Decorative items (string, sand, floral motifs, etc.)


We propose making a unique table centre: use 3 glass jars or recipients of different sizes and fill them with your favourite decorative items. For example, in the largest, you could have some twisted branches with a few dry leaves, and in the other 2 you could have a base of natural stones topped with a candle. This DIY decoration is completely personal, and you can change it depending on the time of year. When summer comes around, change the branches and dry leaves for coloured flowers and the stones for small seashells, and… there you are!

If you give it a go, we’d love to see the results! Do you want to share some DIY ideas with us?