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Goodbye partitions! The latest trend in kitchens: personalization and integration of the space

It would appear that the trend for open-plan kitchens is here to stay in Spanish homes. This breakfast-bar design, which has its origins in the United States, aims to merge the kitchen area with the living/dining room, so that family and friends can all be together while lunch or dinner is being prepared, turning this into a deep-rooted social custom.

It is worth highlighting how this kind of kitchen design has had a marked influence in Spain, representing a radical break from the traditional separation of this room from the rest of the house.


As such, this design is now becoming ever-more widespread in Spanish homes. Why?

Well, apart from gaining space and natural light, there has also been an appreciation of how the space becomes more functional, allowing various day-to-day tasks to be performed more efficiently, while it also means that the person doing the cooking is not ‘isolated’ from everyone else, but can instead chat and share the moment.

Gestilar, the property developer, is always at the forefront of the latest trends within the real-estate sector, and therefore it promotes the personalization of the living space in accordance with the idea of ‘one home, one client’, allowing this sector to provide innovative solutions to the demands of the market and to the significant changes it is undergoing, as was stated by the managing director the company, Marta García-Valcárcel.


The trend for built-in kitchens ‘is becoming strongly established in Spain’, and they are perceived as being spaces that are more comfortable and practical where different tasks can be carried out, in accordance with ‘an up-to-date concept of the family, much more flexible and dynamic’.

‘Families have been completely transformed, and a high proportion do not have domestic service, and therefore the kitchen becomes a comfortable, fun, and practical place to share every day’, added García-Valcárcel.

In this regard, some of the personalization options offered by Gestilar it its developments include the possibility of a sliding door or a completely open space adjoining the dining room, and this applies to Isla Ízaro in Calle Sinesio Delgado, Madrid.


Meanwhile, at the Isla de Mouro residential estate in Vallecas, the developer allows the option to remove a section of the partition between the kitchen and the lounge in order to allow the two rooms to merge.

Another example is at the exclusive Isla Ons project in Boadilla del Monte, where there is a hidden sliding door between the partitions, which allows residents to enjoy a more open and shared feeling of space, and this option seems to meet with the approval of a high proportion of clients.


What do you think about combining the living/dining room with the kitchen? Are you convinced by this trend? Share your opinion with us!