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Living in… Oleiros: your new home by the Galicia coast.


This residential town, located just 20 minutes from Corunna, is surrounded by a never-ending coastline set in idyllic and natural surroundings where you can enjoy the charm that is characteristic of the north of the country.

Why choose Oleiros if you are looking for a new home in Galicia? Join us as we discover it!


International recognition

Oleiros can boast that it appears in one of the latest lists issued by Forbes on the most exclusive places in Spain, highlighting its excellent location: between the Corunna and the Betanzos estuaries.

Furthermore, it was a finalist in the International Awards Liveable Communities, which is a competition that recognizes those towns that have high levels of sustainability and the best quality of life, with the support of UNESCO. And as if this weren’t enough, did you know that the town has the highest ratio of parks and public spaces per inhabitant in Galicia? Quite a record!


A stroll through Oleiros

To the north of the town we find the Costa de Dexo natural monument, endless marine cliffs of immeasurable scenic value, where you can also visit the Mera Lighthouse and the so-called ‘Aula del mar’ or Marine Schoolroom, which is used to study vegetation and the natural surroundings.

Open spaces are, as we have already mentioned, the main feature of the town, perfect for connecting with nature. The Lians Park has been equipped with reading areas, picnic areas, and spaces where you can engage in sporting and outdoor activities with the whole family. Meanwhile, the As galeras Park has a unique viewing point that encourages you to enjoy warm and endless sunsets.

With regard to its architectural heritage, we can list the Castle of Santa Cruz, the Oleiros Museum, and the Santa María Church, every corner of which is steeped in history.

In addition, the town has 10 fully-equipped public libraries, 15 social and cultural centres, and 3 auditoria.


Land and sea communications

One of the advantages of living in Oleiros is that there are very good transport links in the area, including numerous bus routes, with hourly departures and of which we may highlight the 170 which stops in the centre of Corunna just 30 minutes away.

If you prefer to travel by car, there is the AC-174 road, which connects with the AC-12, providing a direct connection with Corunna.

Meanwhile, as this is a coastal area, Oleiros also has excellent maritime communications, which allow you travel across the bay from the Seixo Branco coast, which is in the town, into the port of Corunna. The views of the Santa Cruz coast are breathtaking!


Isla de Santa Cruz: a fusion of style and sustainability

Isla de Santa Cruz, Gestilar’s first project in Galicia, is composed of 46 dwellings with avant-guard design and carefully-crafted finishes, and in accordance with this company’s commitment to the environment and the emphasis on sustainability that characterizes the town, they have been designed in compliance with eco-sustainable criteria, allowing them to attain the highest Energy Rating scores.

The Galicia coast may be the ideal location for you to buy your new home. Do you want to find out more about our promotion? We’re waiting for you in Oleiros!