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Revamp your home: the interior paint colours that are currently trending.

The first few months of the year are synonymous with renewal and change, and this is also true of decoration, always following fashion. Have you thought about giving your home a fresh feel but don’t know how to do it? Today what we are proposing is… painting the walls! Keep reading!

What are the interior wall colours that your home can’t do without?

Our point of reference this season is the Serenity palette by Pantone, which offers us 3 chromatic ranges in a variety of blues, greens, and purples.


interior paint colours


Klein Blue and Oceanside Blue.

Who said that blue is only used for homes near the coast? Blue is set to be one of the stars of 2018, a year in which pastel tones fade into the background as the trend is all for brighter colours. Both shades of blue – which is particularly suitable for large rooms such as the lounge – combine very well with white furniture, which brings light and softens the atmosphere, as well as with silver features, together providing a result that is sophisticated and elegant.

Tip: you can also try adding small features in dark wood, which will give your lounge personality and warmth.

Bluish green.

This is another one of the interior colours for 2018, and as with the previous colour, it evokes the sea. We propose using it in one of the bedrooms, in combination with whites and the tones of a light wood. For a personalized finishing touch, you can add another one of this season’s musts to the decoration: cane. Mirrors, picture frames, or the headboard of your bed can all be the features that stand out.

Tip: If you prefer to use lighter shades for your walls, use brighter colours in the details: cushions, decorative accessories, or also in your furniture such as an armchair.

Purples and violets.

Even if initially it seems quite daring, it might be the perfect choice for the bedroom of a child or adolescent, where you want a more youthful air, without being loud. One option might be to combine lighter shades with another one of this year’s colours: peach, which brings warmth and energy; if not, try painting one of the walls in dark purple and experiment with the pastel tones and with grey: this will make it less overbearing and you can always add touches of colour with your decoration. But remember: your furniture must be white!

Tip: add a touch of green, such as plants or candles: green is the perfect complement to purple.


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