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‘smart mailbox’ for multi-occupancy buildings

Discover the ‘smart mailbox’ for multi-occupancy buildings: Citibox is arriving at Gestilar developments

The introduction of new technologies applied to owner-occupied dwellings aimed at making day-to-day life more convenient and improving the quality of life for residents is an increasingly-common reality for new developments. As such, Gestilar, in its constant quest for innovation and aware of the new emerging needs of our current way of life, is supporting the so-called ‘Smart mailbox’: taking delivery of parcels free of charge 24/7.

Advantages of a smart mailbox: always available

The traditional mailbox is being reinvented by Spanish PropTech CITIBOX, which has developed a solution that means you can forget about needing to be at home to take delivery of or send a parcel. How does it work and what other advantages does it have?

  • Tracking: by using the official Citibox app, you can see all details regarding the status of your order, allowing you complete control over its exact location. This allows residents to administer both the receipt and the dispatch of their parcels, wherever they are, while at the same time allowing couriers to be 100% certain that parcels are delivered or collected, thereby improving the efficiency of the transaction.


  • Citibox works with the main courier companies, with their prestige and many years’ experience generating greater confidence in the service.


  • Maximum Security: for the time that the parcel is deposited with Citibox, it is insured with protection offered by AXA.


  • Design: this smart mailbox does not clash with the décor of the development, given that it is normally placed in the entrance areas, and both the size and the colours can be personalized. This means that it can be fully integrated into the initial design of the building, respecting its overall harmony.


  • Much more than just parcels: Do you do your shopping online? Have you taken your suit to the cleaners? If they offer a home delivery service, they can also use this smart system, making it much easier to deliver orders and meaning that you don’t have to adjust your schedule to suit their delivery times.


Who will have the new smart mailboxes?

As was already published in a recent news item on the Eje Prime Web portal with regard to the real-estate sector, Gestilar is joining in the introduction of the new Citiboxes, which can be enjoyed by the residents of the Islas Estelas (Sinesio Delgado), Isla de La Toja (Tempranales), and the new development of new-build housing in Valdebebas: Isla de Cortegada and Isla de Pedrosa. However, we expect to continue expanding the number of developments that have this added-value service, so keep an eye on our social media!