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decoration for this Autumn - Winter 2018

5 decoration trends for Autumn - Winter 2018 that will triumph in your home

Do you feel like reinventing your home this season? Or perhaps you are starting to decorate your new-build apartment from scratch? Whichever it is, we bring you the latest trends in decoration for this Autumn - Winter 2018, a year in which the ‘all-powerful’ Nordic style seems to be losing ground and colours are making a comeback.

Mixture of materials

If there is one thing that stands out in the decoration trends for Autumn - Winter 2018, then that is the mixture of styles, and above all of materials, which gives rise to highly-eclectic and up-to-the-minute spaces. Collections or groups of identical furniture are a thing of the past: dare to mix!

And there is no doubt that there are 2 musts that you cannot do without: wood and metal finishes. Wood is for larger items such as the dining table or a chiffonier, where a more rustic finish is desirable. Metals are for details such as mirrors, lamps, decorative items, or smaller tables.

Let nature in

If you want to be up to date, you need lots of green and lots of nature. Any ideas? Use wallpaper with floral designs or innovate by creating your own vertical garden: this will give your home a unique feel! If you are interested, we remind you of one of our posts in which we suggested ideas for interior decoration with plants.

Tip: combine green with mustard yellow for certain items: it never fails!

Japanese style

Apart from its gastronomy, it feels like Japan has a noticeable presence in Spain because it is a major influence in the decoration trends for Autumn - Winter 2018: its minimalist style, using tapestries, low tables, or translucent doors with cloth finishes, seems to be here to stay.

Moroccan inspiration

If you want to give your home a particularly vibrant feel, the perfect choice for you is to find Moroccan inspiration. Have fun and combine ethnic patterns in bright colours for cushions or rugs, using leather for pouffes or sofas. The result? A bohemian and welcoming home.

Have you heard of splatter?

This is a technique that looks as if it might be here to stay in our homes in 2018: it could be described as ‘decorating by splashing’, full of small specks of paint. If you are unsure about introducing it into your textiles or walls, you can always try it in… your tableware! Splattered napkins, plates, or cups will freshen up your dinner service and make it really cool.


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