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information must the new-home building specifications

What information must the new-home building specifications contain?

When buying a new-build home, the building specifications are an essential document that the developer provides to the buyer, in which you can learn about the details of the project: in other words, it is the developer’s letter of introduction.

The building specifications offer an accurate reflection, (or at least as close as possible), to what the new owner will find in the construction. This document sets out all the technical information about the property, both inside and out, including the type of materials that will be employed and the finishes and fittings that the new home will have.

What information must the new-home building specifications contain?

Most importantly, it should be easy to understand by the buyer, and should serve as a kind of “handbook”, in which everything explaining the building project’s differential features is set out.

In addition to the aforementioned materials, finishes and fittings, the building specifications must also provide a description of the communal areas of the residential building, informing the future owner about the amenities the development will offer, as these can often be the deciding factor as to whether to make the purchase or not.

In addition...

In should also mention the key role played by the other innovative features that make a project unique. One example of this is the building specifications for Isla de Tambo – one of our latest projects in the North of Madrid – which mention its “citibox” smart post boxes, its status as a cardio-protection zone and its category A Energy Rating, three of the development’s most notable highlights.

Lastly, to complete the specifications in typical Gestilar style, full information is provided about all the innovations in terms of the building materials used for the flooring, tiling, carpentry, insulation, electrical installations, plumbing, heating, bathroom fittings and taps, all of which have options for customization, bearing in mind that on a few occasions, in may be necessary to change a particular detail due to technical reasons.

For Gestilar, it isn’t just the finished homes it offers, but also their design that are an essential component of its developments, where quality is its byword. On with the work!