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 homes of the future

Taking a look at the homes of the future

What do you imagine the homes of the future will be like? We take a look at the latest innovations in technology and sustainability that aim to maximise comfort and convenience at home through what are known as “Active Houses”.


Gestilar: making the homes of the future a reality

Thanks to our constant innovation, we make all the latest technology available to be enjoyed in our Gestilar homes. We are working to meet both the current and future needs of our customers as well as to offer them the best possible quality of life.

  • Citibox: the traditional concept of the post box is being reinvented through the development of a “smart version” which eliminates the need to be at home to send or receive packages, in addition to allowing you to track your package in real time. What a great benefit!


  • Connectivity and sustainability: Can you imagine controlling your home from wherever you might be through a mobile phone or tablet? Domestic domotics is now a key feature of our newest developments, which allows you complete control over your home from any remote location. This feature ties in closely with Gestilar’s commitment to sustainability and energy saving by creating “smart” spaces that are environmentally friendly, made possible through the customised, active management of your home’s resources.

Here is a simple example: Why continue to use your central heating once your home has reached its ideal temperature?


  • Cardio-protection areas: one of the features of our latest developments that sets them apart from others is the installation of defibrillators, a practice that is widespread in the rest of Europe and one in which Gestilar is a pioneer in Spain. This is just another example of Gestilar not only improving its homes but also of it improving quality of life in them, thus guaranteeing greater comfort, peace of mind and safety for everyone living in them.


Three trends for the homes of the future


Green roofs and vertical gardens

Although these already exist on several buildings and structures around the world, green roofs and vertical gardens are set to “dominate” the aesthetics of architecture in the very near future. They have been hailed as the perfect solution in our quest to make our cities more sustainable, by reducing pollution and also providing a space and the opportunity to grow food (urban allotments), that will eventually lead to a more self-sufficient society.


Smart sensory furniture 

Yes, you have read that correctly. This concept has been proposed for interior design projects to be implemented in the very near future. This will see the expansion of the internet of things from the kitchen to the entire home. Already many new homes have intelligent fridges that are able to create a shopping list based on the food stored inside them.

For example, can you imagine your mattress being able to monitor the pressure of your body and “adjust” itself so that it is always as comfortable as possible? You will also be amazed by smart carpets and curtains that are revolutionising home safety by acting as “alarms”. They are sensitive to any sudden changes in the atmosphere (such as a fire, breakage, etc.), alerting you to anything unusual happening.


Sustainability-friendly materials

Innovation also embraces improvements to the materials used in the construction of buildings. The use of ecological and recycled materials is becoming increasingly a common practice, as is the incorporation of systems that not only save energy but that also generate renewable energy.


How do you imagine the homes of the future will be like? Please let us know!


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