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How to organize your home

How to organize your home: 5 tricks to keep your home always looking perfect

Keeping your house tidy has a greater effect on you than you might think. Did you know that it can affect both your performance and your rest? Take advantage of the upcoming change in season in order to get everything back in its ‘proper place’: take note of how to organize your home with these 5 tips and keep it impeccable every day.

Above all, law and order!: first empty, then tidy

Before trying to impose order, you must first know what it is you are trying to organize: go around room by room and select what you’re going to keep and what is going to be cleared out.

Welcome! Start with your entrance hall

This is normally one of the most overlooked rooms, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most used. Have you ever arrived late because you couldn’t find your keys or a jacket you wanted to wear? Make your comings and goings easier for yourself!

Have a small piece of furniture with your basic requirements: a lamp to make the space feel warm and a small decorative container or box for the keys you use every day. Simplify and stay ahead.

Try to choose one with drawers so that you can use them to store all other items that you don’t really need in your day-to-day routine, such as: other keys (for the store room, patio, etc.), letters, notepads, etc.

If you have a closet, just use it for the jackets you wear every day. If your hall is very small, you can use wall hangers instead.

Tip: If your household is large, try to leave just one coat for each person.

Organize your house ‘inside and out’

One of the most common mistakes is to assume that ‘if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist’. Nothing could be further from the truth: What is the point of having everything looking neat and tidy if when you open the drawers and cupboards there is chaos and you can’t find anything? Our infallible answer to this is to use storage solutions such as boxes, baskets, separators...



You will find a large variety of options on the market, with different shapes and materials that will blend in with all different kinds of styles and rooms.

Tip: You can also use this solution in your fridge with plastic boxes.

Inspiring wardrobes

We invite you to read our tips on how to organize a wardrobe and thus make maximum use of this space. As we approach next spring and summer, get rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn this season and those that no longer fit; sort them by colour and store them in boxes.

Tip: Ensure they take up the minimum amount of space by using a vacuum storage bag.

One in, one out

Michelle Nelson, a respected figure in home decoration, warns that one of the biggest mistakes people make when organizing their home is ‘not disposing of one item for every one you acquire’. For example, if you buy a lamp, get rid of another older lamp, or at least some other item of a similar size.

And above all, constancy! By setting aside 5 minutes a day, it won’t be difficult to keep your house perfect; it’s just a question of getting into the habit! Do you have a trick regarding how to organize your home that you would like to share with us?