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Great DIY ideas for decorating your home in autumn


Great DIY ideas for decorating your home in autumn

Autumn has just arrived, and with it, the job of organising your wardrobe or that of changing your interior décor to embellish your home with the latest seasonal trends. Now is the time for choosing warm hues and to fill every corner with a special charm. In this post, we will be offering you some tips on the best autumn décor ideas that will bring a distinct look to each room so that each one will glow with their own mood and ambiance. Are you ready for a little DIY?

To bring about these changes to your interior décor, you need to be ready to get hands-on with some DIY tasks. Why not share the work with family members or friends? Together, you will make light work of creating your new autumn look for your home.

Four components of autumn DIY and home décor

1 > Logs

It isn’t too difficult to get your hands on a few logs of wood. No doubt you know someone who has a wood burner at home who could spare a couple of fire logs. Our suggestion is to make a centrepiece arrangement with them to decorate the table. You could also stand the logs vertically as legs and place a board on top of them to create a coffee table or simply use them as a side table. By sitting a plant on the top of a log you will give your home a natural look.

2 > Leaves

What better way to have fun in autumn than going out to collect fallen leaves with your children? Make the most of the endless ways you can use this element of nature to add an authentic touch to your autumn decoration. Gather together the leaves you have collected to create different combinations to display in vases or to frame them as a picture. This would be a great idea for decorating a children’s bedroom.

3 > Pinecones

What is more typical of autumn than pinecones? You cannot fail to include them in your home décor tasks. When decorating your home with them, you could use them as bookends or as door stops. You could also use them to create a basket arrangement for the bathroom, giving it an original touch. If you have quite a collection of pinecones, you could string them together to make a garland to hang on the wall.

4 > Stones

Although you can of course find stones all year round, their chalky colours make them perfect for decorating the home in autumn. We suggest using stones as paperweights or as decorative items arranged on a tray. You could also adorn them with your own personal motif or paint them gold to create a special mood.

With a little time and effort, these four elements could offer you the key to success for decorating your home with the best autumnal themes. So why not have a go at creating your own interior design?

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