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Artificial Intelligence serving business needs: Why use Chatbots in the real estate business?

When you are buying a home, you will no doubt have a number of questions and concerns about the process, given its importance and all the hopes and expectations invested in such a major personal project.

Therefore, dealing with any request as swiftly as possible is synonymous with providing customers with complete peace-of-mind by improving the quality of the service we offer. This is where artificial intelligence can play a role as the perfect assistant. Why use Chatbots in the real estate industry and how do they work?

Chatbots, what are they?

Chatbots are tools installed in messaging systems that allow customers to interact directly with the company, either through a website or social network, enabling them to resolve their queries without the involvement of a real-life person. Companies can speak to thousands of users automatically via chat, without requiring them to download any app, thus making the experience much faster and user-friendly. The idea is to offer guidance to the customer before, during and after their purchase so that they feel they are being given the best advice at all times.

Benefits of using Chatbots: always by the customer’s side

24 h/365 days per year contact

Can you imagine writing a question about a property in the centre of Madrid, on a bank holiday, at 2 o’clock in the morning and getting a reply right away? It seems unreal doesn’t it? Well, now this is possible. Since Chatbots are technological devices, they are on-call 24/7. They allow you to receive information, resolve queries and even reserve a property at any time without having to wait.

Customisation: you are what is most important

Chatbots have evolved in recent years and are now better at recognising human language. They are able to tailor their messages to a particular user and “conduct” a much more fluent and efficient conversation that can satisfy the customer’s particular requirements. And beyond this capability, they also offer the possibility, for example, of sending users alerts about the latest properties with the features they are looking for: a “made-to-measure” interaction that raises the chances of a sale.


Innovation is a unique selling point for a company and also for its customers, who are able to perceive the high level of technology it possesses. As a result of the exclusive standard of customer service offered by Chatbots in the real estate business, buyers enjoy a positive experience because of the excellent response and, more importantly, confidence in the company is strengthened and its reputation enhanced.

Striving to offer our clients complete satisfaction

Gestilar considers it of vital importance that our customers feel part of “our” family, so pursuing the same goal as we did when we introduced our new customer area, we have come on board with the “chatbot technology” by fully integrating it into our business strategy. Because improving our customer service and turning it into a unique selling proposition is part of what lies behind our motivation and drives our performance. Let’s continue to grow together!